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The attitude of life determines whether the "home" is earthy or refined.

The significance of a home is that the area you see and use every day is not proportional. Even if it is as small as 1m2, you can also pry into a person's attitude towards life, whether it is earthy or refined.


Tip 1: Add some drama to the household

Although the porch is not large in the home, it is the only way to enter and exit. Compared with the shoes after the door is kicked, it is better to set up the shoe cabinet in the porch or hang some hanging paintings that are intended to be brought to the first time. Some small surprises from friends.

The lower pattern example is an ultra-small apartment with a usable area of ​​no more than 30 square meters. But the owner set up a very stylish porch, with red brick walls, very personal. A seat and a mirror are also provided to facilitate the finishing of the door when going out.


Tip 2: Set up the embedded cabinet

Use the wall or the fake wall to make the cabinet and the wall flush, so that the facade is more clean and tidy. The cabinet only reveals one side, and the overall appearance looks higher. Of course, in addition to good-looking, it also reduces the problem of closing between different materials.

In the case of the picture below, the owner did not let the sofa directly on the wall as in the traditional, but built the built-in locker in the wall space behind the sofa, which not only maximized the use of wall space, but also expanded Visual beauty.

Tip 3: Build your own heart

The best state of the home is to use the best space to do your favorite thing. This space may be the plant corner at the balcony, or it may besofa+ The reading angle of the floor lamp, with some thoughts to arrange, the whole home may be different.

Tip 4: Using Tiles

Tiles usually have several matching principles: dark and light colors; similar colors; cool and warm colors, contrast colors. In the specific paving, the color matching should determine a color as the main color, and the other or several colors constitute the first and second distinct combination.

The main pattern of the lower pattern wall is the snowflake statue white, which is used to add color to the small tiles. Compared with the whole piece, the method of using a tile is used to make the space more vivid.


Tip 5: Create a wall cabinet for the bathroom

The bathroom is the most easy place to hide dirt in the home life. It is easy to accumulate water. If the bathroom cabinet is suspended from the ground, it will not only make the floor clean without leaving a dead angle, but also don't worry that the bathroom cabinet will be wet.


The lower pattern example uses a bathroom cabinet set, which can put unused bottles and cans into the bathroom cabinet and put the commonly used on the shelf of the bathroom mirror. The entire bathroom space looks orderly and makes people feel comfortable.