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The balcony is only used to dry clothes or pile up debris? Quiet little garden, literary leisure are

The beautiful balcony is always in the home of others?

The balcony is only used to dry clothes and pile up debris?

It does more than that,

Quiet little garden, literary leisure area...

You can have these.


1, the garden

Put a small table on the balcony

Pick some ceramic pots you like

Dress up the balcony as a secret garden

In the breezy morning

Or a starry night

Sitting in the small garden

Feel the joy that life gives us

2, tea room

a wooden oneSmall round table

a cup of tea

Leisurely afternoon

Hand holding a cup of flower tea

Feel the gift of nature

Sitting in the afternoon simply and simply

Feel free to spend this happy time

3. Storage room

In the era of soaring housing prices

I will use every square meter in my home.

Put a few partitions

Or choose some with storage

sofa, stools, cabinets...

Store things that you can’t afford to lose

Beautiful and elegant

4, small study

No extra room at home

Put a table and a small stool on the balcony.

Simple white wall with wooden boards separating a simple bookcase

White gauze

A space that can be quietly thought is completed.

5, laundry room

Turn the balcony into a laundry room

No longer use

Moved a pot of heavy clothes on the balcony.

Laundry and clothes drying are done here.

The washing machine can be put on the cabinet

Not only beautiful but also storage function

Install a few retro lights

Both literary and practical