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The cousin who sold the furniture told me that the seven places to pay attention to when buying a wa

Wardrobes are the same furniture that is indispensable in home life. Some people choose to use wall-mounted wardrobes, but some people still like the whole wardrobe. So how do we choose a wardrobe that is both environmentally friendly and has a good appearance and looks good?


1: Look at the selection of materials. Wardrobes are generally placed in the bedroom, so it is more important to pay attention to environmental standards. Before purchasing a wardrobe, you must see whether the manufacturer has a plate inspection report and relevant testing certificate from the national authority inspection department.

2: Look at the veneer of the plate. When we buy the wardrobe, we can't just look at the surface. The quality is the most important. Some wardrobes use the surface-coated Baoli paper and ornate paper sheets that are often used in low-cost wardrobes on the market, and the wear resistance is poor.


3: Look at the edge of the board. There is also a detail to pay attention to the quality of the wardrobe, that is, the edge of the board. The surrounding edge is good enough to prevent moisture from entering the interior of the board. The non-sealing surface easily absorbs the moisture in the air, causing the sheet to expand and affect the service life of the wardrobe.

4: Look at the processing method. Most consumers are easy to ignore this problem, the general professional manufacturers will use a professional automatic edge banding machine, using environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive to seal the edges, the veneer is firm. The auxiliary materials used in the production process are environmentally friendly, in order to ensure the environmental protection of the final produced wardrobe, and to ensure that there are no harmful substances.


5: Look at the backplane structure. Professional manufacturers generally use a back plate with a thickness of 5mm or more, and adopt a recessed-type reverse leather lap joint structure to prevent the back plate from directly absorbing the moisture on the wall surface.

6: Look at the hardware accessories. Accessories are often hidden, consumers are difficult to identify, and you have to carefully push and pull. Accessories are an important indicator to ensure the comfort and durability of household products.


7: Look at the manufacturer's anti-counterfeiting signs and services. Professional manufacturers in the wardrobe edge strips, cabinet door profiles, pulleys, and even sheet veneers, there are obvious manufacturers of anti-counterfeiting labels, quality, maintenance are guaranteed, consumers can rest assured to use.

Summary: Generally speaking, if you want to buy a worry-free wardrobe, you can choose according to the above methods. In addition, these methods can also be applied to purchase other furniture. In short, everyone must remember that the furniture is bought. Ok, I decided to save my life in the future, and buying furniture is more about the details. Good things always stand up to scrutiny.


Ok, the knowledge about choosing furniture will be shared here. Later, there will be more practical knowledge to share with everyone. Welcome everyone to pay attention to me. I amTeng.