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The custom home has misunderstandings and teaches you three kinds of "routing" to solve th

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2019-09-16

In fact, if you want to say custom furniture, many people may pay attention to how they should customize the furniture to choose which custom furniture company, and then customize what kind of furniture, what kind of furniture, and the material and size of the furniture. Colors and so on, but I would like to ask if anyone can focus on communication. In fact, today’s Xiaobian is about communication. When it comes to customizing furniture, if you are interested, Look down together. At the beginning, my family stepped on thunder..

In fact, when customizing furniture, many people have neglected to communicate. Let’s think about it. If you are missing custom communication with designers and workers when customizing furniture, then there are certain aspects that we understand and What they have to do is not the same, because they understand and we are different, so in order to achieve the results we want as much as possible, we should still communicate with the workers.

1.The final result is not equal to the display effect

Everyone should know that the effect of the so-called display is actually different from the result after our final completion. Many people choose to make their own furniture according to the effect of the display when customizing the furniture. In fact, when we show it, we The effect seen is not the same as the effect to be done in the future. Because at the time of the show, what we saw is different from some of our own home factors, such as the height, spacing and width length, so the effect is not the same as the effect of the display. exactly the same.

2.Communication content

Since you have to talk more about communicating with designers, what should you communicate with? In fact, when we communicate, we don’t just tell the designer what kind of materials we want, what kind of color, what kind of specifications, what kind of size and what kind of pattern, more to tell the designer, we When I use this thing in the future, what kind of usage habits there are.

For example, when we are doing the cabinet, we can tell the designer that there are old people or children in our family, and we need to be safer in some aspects. This is the small details that we need to increase when we communicate, otherwise With these, the needs we need in our daily lives are only intended to be the color and appearance of a product, and the effect may not be the same as the effect we actually use.

3.Practicality is more important

When customizing furniture, try to pay more attention to the practicality of a piece of furniture, without over-pursuing its appearance, because we still need a thing to be practical in daily use, a good-looking thing, it will be tired after a long time. But if one thing is practical10We will not discard it in the year, what do you think?