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The difference between mahogany furniture and solid wood furniture is definitely not the difference

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-05-22

Although mahogany furniture has been paid more and more attention by families, most consumers still understand mahogany furniture.
"The wood is good".99%Of consumers think that mahogany furniture is solid wood furniture made of mahogany.

What is solid wood furniture?


Generally speaking, solid wood furniture refers to furniture made of natural wood. The wood includes two categories: white wood and hard wood. Our Chinese native fir and pine, basswood, and nanmu are relatively soft wood and hard wood. There are elm, iron, beech, etc. That is to say, all the furniture materials are solid wood, including tabletops, wardrobe door panels, side panels, etc. are made of pure solid wood, and do not use any other form of artificial board, plywood density board or multilayer board.

From the definition of solid wood furniture, mahogany furniture can also be regarded as a kind of solid wood furniture, but mahogany furniture is a furniture series that is independent of solid wood furniture in the furniture industry.


The reason why the mahogany furniture is special and precious, in addition to its materials are extremely precious and rare, traditional techniques such as tenon, carving, inlay, curve and so on also constitute the unique value of the mahogany furniture distinguished from all other furniture!

German ScholarG·EckeThe three basic rules for processing mahogany furniture are summarized in the "Chinese Rosewood Furniture Picture Examination": non-absolutely unnecessary use of wooden pins; where possible, avoid glue as much as possible; no use of edging anywhere. That is without any nails and adhesives.

Among them, mortise and tenon is called mahogany furniture"Soul", the protruding tenon on the wooden component and the concave dimple are simply engaged, and then the wooden component is combined together. Due to the different shape of the connecting component, a kaleidoscopic combination method is derived to make the furniture function Perfect unity with structure.

Strictly speaking, old Chinese solid wood furniture and mahogany furniture are all tenon and mortise structure, pay attention to the value of handicraft.

However, since most tenon-and-mortise structures are more complicated, both mechanized and manual construction is not difficult, and the increase in processing costs directly leads to a reduction in the use of tenon-and-mortise structures. In the wooden structure of modern solid wood furniture, the traditional tenon-and-mortar, which is time-consuming and time-consuming, no longer appears in large numbers.

Under the influence of mass production of modern mechanized assembly lines, most of the tenon structure is only used, and the tenon structure is abandoned, and the traditional tenon and tenon structure is replaced by tenon + glue + hardware.

Needless to say, the glue not only has a limited life span, but also has many formaldehyde hazards. In some solid wood furniture, the role of glue has been to repair the deviation of the tenon and mortise structure process, and it has been turned upside down into a large number of uses, which has become the power of glue to fix the furniture structure.

In addition, what is the difference between the tenon and mortise structure for mahogany furniture and the use of hardware such as iron nails?

1. The tenon and mortise structure is a combination of tenon and mortise. It is a clever combination of more and less, high and low, long and short between wood pieces. This combination can effectively limit the twisting of wood pieces in various directions. move.

The iron nail connection cannot be done. For example, using iron nails to make two wooden weedsTWith the combination of fonts, the vertical and horizontal barbs are easily twisted to change the angle, and the combination of tenon and mortise will not be twisted.

Second, the metal is easy to rust or oxidize, and the real mahogany furniture can be used for hundreds of years or thousands of years.

Many Ming-style furniture is hundreds of years old, and although it is vicissitudes of life, the wood is as hard as ever. If such furniture is combined with iron nails, it is likely that the wood is intact, but the furniture is scattered due to corrosion, fatigue, aging, etc. of the connected metal.

3. As early as7000In the Neolithic Age of Hemudu many years ago, our ancestors have already started to use tenon and tenon, that is to say, the tenon and tenon structure is a unique craft creation of the Chinese nation and has a long history.70Over the centuries, this art craft has been continuously developed and recreated, and the technology and craftsmanship have been quite skilled.

The reason why the traditional Chinese furniture (especially the Ming and Qing furniture) reached today's level is directly related to the use of this structural feature. It is precisely this ingenious structure that enhances the artistic value of Chinese furniture, especially abroad Admired by furniture and architectural artists.

Therefore, it can be said that the use of iron nails in mahogany furniture is a tradition, established by convention, and a continuation and development of advantages. The reason why the mahogany furniture is also called traditional furniture, the tenon and mortise structure is the core.

4. Furniture with tenon and mortise structure is easy to transport. Many mahogany furniture is disassembled and transported, and it is very convenient to combine and install at the destination.

If you connect the furniture with iron nails, although it can be made into some split styles, furniture with many small wooden pieces like chairs cannot be done.

5. Furniture with tenon-and-mortise structure is easy to maintain. No matter what kind of furniture, there will be problems after long-term use, and it needs repair and maintenance. Pure mahogany furniture can be used for hundreds of thousands of years, and there will always be problems, such as a certain crease broken and need to be replaced.

For furniture connected with iron nails, this disassembly and replacement is not as easy as tenon-tenon structure furniture. If the furniture is made of good glue such as fish fat glue, soak the glue in water for maintenance, and the tenon and mortise will soon loosen. But you can't do it with iron nails, unless you unload eight pieces of furniture. In turn, the furniture is damaged.