The 8 pieces of furniture used by the people who grew up in the countryside, the Eight Immortals table is the most special, and the last one is extinct? - China leisure chair manufacturer, office chair wholesale, sofa wholesale, China OEM designer chair manufacturer, Tengye furniture China factory direct sales.

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The 8 pieces of furniture used by the people who grew up in the countryside, the Eight Immortals tab

Hi everybody, I'mTengI am very happy to share my knowledge with you. What I want to share with you today is some furniture about China that is slowly disappearing. Only the people who have experienced it are the deepest.

Wooden chair


In the past, the guests came to the house, almost all sitting on the stool. Of course, some ethnic groups sit on the ground. Wooden chairs are very common. Many families also paint red chairs on the chairs for festive purposes. On the other hand, they can prevent mites and increase the life of the chairs.

With the acceleration of urbanization, sofas have become our first choice. Few people in new-style houses will buy such chairs. They can only be seen in rural areas, and many of them are made before. Now make this. There are fewer masters of the chair.

Bamboo chair


Bamboo chairs, like wooden chairs, are standard in the previous homes. They are more common in the south. Bamboo is everywhere, making it easy to make. When you sit in the summer, don't feel comfortable. In my hometown, there is a master who makes bamboo chairs very powerful, because he will pick bamboo.

Eight Immortals


Speaking of the Eight Immortals table, it is a very special piece of furniture in the previous home, which is mainly reflected in the direction of sitting. When it is small, it doesn’t matter what kind of rituals, rules, etc., when you eat, you climb the table and you’ve gotten a lot of it. .

After growing up, I realized how the table should be placed. Which position is the elder of the family. When I was young, every household was a table with four benches, but now I have chosen other tables, such as the solid wood dining table.



The cupboard is also the same as the furniture that was indispensable in the past. I still remember to wash the dishes for my grandmother when I was young. After washing, because I was not tall enough, I had to move the chair to put the cleaned bowl in the cupboard.

According to my grandmother, the cupboard we used before was still the new one when Grandpa married her. Unfortunately, as the years passed, the cupboard was used as a waste wood because it was wet all the year round. Burned out.



We often say "Be careful when you go back to the washboard." If this is in the countryside, I am afraid it will still be realized, but it is now difficult to achieve it. In the past, washing clothes at home was to put a large basin with a washboard on it. The mother sat on a small bench, sprinkled with washing powder on the clothes, and washed clothes with a washboard.

But now, let alone the city, the shadow of this piece of furniture can hardly be seen in the countryside. The washing machine is opened with one button, saving time and effort. However, many rural adults often say that washing machines can clean clothes, which is convenient, but not as good as before.



Pay attention to Kazakhstan, not to say the dishwasher. In the rural areas, when washing dishes, I used a thing to wipe. This thing is the predecessor of the steel ball we use now. We use the old loofah to pick it up and dry it. After the production.

Because I don't know what materials are used when I was young, I can't say a specific name. Many people in the countryside still use this kind of thing to wipe the bowl, and the bowl is very clean.



There are many styles of reciting. When I was young, every household would have bamboo backing, ragweed for cutting, picking up tea from the mountain, picking peppers on the ground, etc. It is very convenient. Now many people still use it at home. I bought it a long time ago and it is very durable.

Bamboo mat


Bamboo mats are a very important piece of furniture. Now we sleep all kinds of mats, but also bamboo, but I believe that almost no one is still sleeping in a bamboo mat made of thin pieces of bamboo. If there is, it is also in the countryside, and it must be the elderly. The young people will not sleep at this mat. The people who make such mats can hardly see it.

However, as far as I know, there are still such mats in the home, but they are used to dry some dry goods. No one will buy this kind of mat to sleep, remembering the summer when I was a child, how comfortable it is to lie on it, now this The expensive mat is not as good as the bamboo mat at that time.


Summary: A lot of furniture is slowly leaving us, so many solid wood furniture is rarely welcome now, because most of the previous furniture is made of wood, and now the solid wood furniture is a combination of fashion and classic, in line with The idea of ​​a new era, but no matter what, we can not forget the previous years.