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The history of mahogany and the shopping skills, you love life, it is worth knowing

Hello everyone, it’s time to share knowledge with you. We often hear people say eucalyptus, pine, ash, walnut, etc. But have you heard of mahogany?


Originally produced in Central America and the African continent, mahogany has long been used by the British royal family to become a kind of royal wood, which shows the preciousness of the mahogany and the historical charm behind it.

About 400 years ago, mahogany was brought to Indonesia by Dutch colonists. In this regard, mahogany began to spread widely in Asia. In daily life, this kind of wood is mainly used in high-end furniture, ships, cars, pianos, violins, etc., among which European classical style furniture is famous in the world.


Mahogany enjoys a high position in the market. So, what about mahogany furniture? What problems do you need to pay attention to during the purchase of mahogany furniture? Let's take a look together.

1. Wood texture

The mahogany wood is named after the wood is light reddish brown and has the color of peach blossom. The mahogany wood is hard, the shrinkage is small, the wood grain is very beautiful, and the wood is easy to be cut and sliced. It has good sculpturality, and has good lacquering, viscose, dyeing and stapling performance.

The furniture made of this wood has a natural texture, beautiful and stylish, simple and sleek, solid and heavy wood, solid and durable, and long service life.


2, deworming durable, conducive to preservation

Hardwoods are generally very resistant to corrosion, and mahogany is no exception. Due to the tight texture and high density of the wood, the mahogany is highly resistant to corrosion.

In addition, its unique fragrance has anti-termite characteristics, and mahogany has a long preservation time. This has also become an important selection criterion for top furniture.

3, the pattern and European sculpture complement each other

The origin of the mahogany name is because it has the aristocratic peach petals in its romance. The different mahogany colors are different, ranging from golden yellow to deep reddish brown.


Moreover, the color of rare wood such as huanghuali and red sandalwood grows deeper and darker, and the color of mahogany will develop from the initial reddish brown to the later dark red brown brown. This meticulously varied wood grain is matched with European-style engraving, and there is a kind of European royal court after the fine product.

How to buy good quality mahogany furniture?

With the improvement of domestic consumption level, many consumers purchase furniture not only to limit the design and practical aspects, but more consumers value the workmanship and material selection of furniture. When purchasing, it is necessary to judge which are genuine and which are counterfeit according to the characteristics of mahogany.


The general quality mahogany furniture is hard, dry and shrinkable, the wood grain is very beautiful, and the wood is easy to be cut and sliced ​​with good sculpturality, and the lacquering, viscose, dyeing and stapling performance are good. Before you buy the furniture made of this kind of wood, you must do your homework first and learn more about the situation.