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The leather sofa has these 4 kinds of materials, I don't understand, I might buy a sofa of poor

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2020-05-07

After buying a house, many people buy a set of sofas they like at home and lie on the sofa when they are resting, chasing dramas, reading books, playing games, eating snacks, sleeping, etc.

Among leather sofas, fabric sofas, and rattan sofas, the most popular ones are leather sofas, which are more textured at home, and also highlight personal taste. In terms of cleaning, leather sofas are relatively easier to play. Management.


Although the price of the leather sofa is very high, and it is also the ideal sofa in the minds of many people, the water of the leather sofa is very deep. For those who do not understand the leather sofa, it is difficult to know whether the raw material used in the leather sofa is leather or not!

Leather sofas on the market are divided into full leather sofas, imitation leather sofas, and half-leather sofas (half half leather, half imitation leather), and the fabrics of imitation leather sofas are artificial leather.


The leather is made of animal skins, such as cowhide, pigskin, sheepskin, etc., and is processed into leather by various processes. Due to the international regulations on the protection of animals, the raw materials used for production also have certain restrictions. At present, the commonly used leathers are cow leather, horse leather, sheep leather and pig leather.

Although leather sofas on the market are collectively referred to as leather (most leather sofas are made of cowhide), what we do n’t know is that cowhide is also divided into varieties, such as yellow cowhide, buffalo, etc. Among the cowhide, the lowest grade is buffalo because it The skin is thick and heavy.


Another point is that cowhide can be divided into multiple layers, the outermost layer is the first layer of leather, the best quality, followed by the second layer of leather (one layer below the first layer of leather), its elasticity and breathability are not as good as the first layer of leather.

Scalp skin

After depilating the original skin or thicker cortex, cut the upper and lower layers crosswise and select the uppermost layer. It has the advantages of good strength, elasticity and plasticity.

Two-layer leather

Use a skinning machine to split the layers, select the looser parts of the fibrous tissue, and make it through the process of painting or filming, which is also better than filming cowhide. Has a certain elasticity and plasticity, the disadvantage is that the strength is poor.

Recycled leather

It is made by crushing waste leather and leather scraps of various animals and mixing chemical raw materials. It has the characteristics of neat edges and cheap price, but the disadvantage is poor strength.

In terms of quality, in addition to the choice of leather, thickness and cowhide production also have a certain impact. The thickness of the skin is divided into thin skin, medium thick skin and thick skin. The thin skin is1-1.2mm; Medium thick skin is1.4-1.6mm; Thick skin is1.6mmthe above. If the skin is too thin, it will break easily, otherwise it will be hard.

The production of cowhide is also related to the local climate. For example, there are many mosquitoes and gadfly in Africa, which will leave scars on the cows. Therefore, the cowhide produced in this area is mostly low-grade cowhide; while Italy has better temperatures and fewer mosquitoes Therefore, the leather has no scars, punctures, etc. The quality of such leather is relatively higher.


The United States and Brazil are the world's first and second largest cowhide producers, respectively, because of their comfortable environment, breeding methods, slaughter methods, etc., so these two countries have better quality cowhide.

Imitation leather is divided into artificial leather and synthetic leather, which is a plastic product that can replace natural leather. The only difference between it and genuine leather is that genuine leather does not require a base fabric, while imitation leather requires a base fabric.

Synthetic Leather

This kind of synthetic leather uses synthetic fiber non-woven fabric with a three-dimensional network structure as the base fabric, combined with an open-cell structure.PUThe processing technology of slurry impregnation and composite surface layer makes super fiber synthetic leather have better water absorption.


In the production of super-fiber synthetic leather, no foam layer is used, and the polyurethane coating and the base together form a three-dimensional network structure, so thePVCLeather andPULeather has better moisture absorption and breathability.

Due to the higher cost of the manufacturing process, higher quality materials such as polyurethane resin and base are also selected in the materials, so its wear resistance and color fastness are higher thanPUleather.

Artificial leather

Made with fabric as base, coated with synthetic resin and various plastic additives, dividedPVCLeather andPULeather, the coatings used by them are different, so they have different characteristics.


PVCThe coating used on the leather is polyvinyl chloride resin, which is easy to embrittle in use, and even dry and cracked, and the service life is short;PUThe coating for leather is polyurethane resinPVCIt has better wear resistance, is not easy to be brittle, and is more suitable for sofas, and its cost and price are also higher.

After years of development, the performance of imitation leather is very close to that of real leather, especially the performance of better microfiber leather, which has surpassed most low-end leather, but because of the pursuit of comfort and artistry, many people still Pursue genuine leather.

In order to prevent everyone from stepping on the pit, I will share with you4The method to judge ordinary leather and imitation leather.

1.Look before touch

The surface of the leather has clear pores and lines, and it feels soft and flexible; ordinary imitation leather has poor softness and feel, and its breathability is lower than that of leather.

2.The back of the leather

If the back of the leather is still leather, it is genuine leather; if it is a variety of woven fabrics, it is imitation leather. Because I just mentioned that imitation leather needs a base fabric, but leather does not.

3.The thickness of the skin

The thin skin of the real leather is1mmAbove, while the knitted bottom imitation leather is usually0.7mm, Even super fiber only1mmthickness of.

4.See cross section

In addition to microfiber leather and genuine leather, otherPVCleather,PUThe leather (imitation leather) has a foam layer.

It should be noted that some imitation leathers now do the same as real leather, and it is difficult for professionals to distinguish them, so if you can buy real leather, just go with it. If your friends pursue durability and cost performance, you can also give up genuine leather and choose imitation leather.


Regardless of whether you buy imitation leather or genuine leather, the sofa should be maintained regularly. After all, the price of the leather sofa is also very expensive, and you should always take good care of it.

For the cleaning of leather sofas, it should be wiped with a clean soft cloth (avoid wiping with water or a damp cloth), and finally use a high-quality leather simulation oil protector on the sofa surface.

Leather sofa care cycle,1-6Month care1Times

Keeping the room ventilated, if the room is too dry or too wet, will accelerate the aging of the leather

Do not put the leather sofa in the place where the air conditioner and sunlight are exposed to avoid the leather surface becoming hard and discolored

Avoid sharp objects scratching the surface of the cortex.

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