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The light in the room is too bright and can easily lead to obesity?

Ample sleep is the cornerstone of people's health, a goodBedroom environmentDetermine the quality of a person's sleep. Studies have shown that the light in the bedroom is too bright, which can cause body clocks and endocrine disorders, not only affecting sleep, but also hurting physical and mental health.

1. The light in the bedroom is too bright to increase the risk of depression. Studies have shown that before going to bed and sleeping, any kind of light, whether it is light or curtain curtain slit light. The screen light of electronic products will disturb the body's biological clock, affecting sleep, and thus causing depression. Insomnia can make depression worse, it will be an infinite loop.

2. Too bright in the bedroom can lead to obesity, and the bedroom lighting is too bright, resulting in poor sleep quality, which affects the body's endocrine system and digestive system. When you are not getting enough sleep or insomnia, the body can't The fat that is eaten during the day is digested, resulting in fat deposition, elevated blood lipids, and increased obesity.

3.Scientific research shows that the light in the bedroom is too bright to affect the secretion of melatonin and immune factors, and it is more likely to cause cancer. Melatonin is a natural hormone that promotes sleep. A study by the Physiology Report magazine showed that exposure to light under the bedtime hinders the secretion of melatonin, and its level directly affects the quality of sleep. .Melatonin is the strongest endogenous free radical scavenger ever discovered, and its powerful antioxidant capacity prevents oxidative damage in cells. Most of the cell's metabolism or damaged repair process is carried out during sleep at night. When the melatonin secretion and the lack of immune factors are absent in the human body, the quality of sleep will decrease, and cell renewal will be blocked, which may lead to cancer.