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The milk tea color in winter makes the home sweet and healing

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-11-21

"There is nothing that cannot be solved by a cup of milk tea. If so, then two glasses! "

For many young people, milk tea is not only a drink, but also a life"The source of happiness" and a new way of socializing.

Various milk teas are becoming more and more popular,"Milk tea color" also became popular.

About "Milk Tea Color"

Just as milk tea will produce different colors and tastes due to the amount of milk injected,The shade of "milk tea color" is also not fixed. It does not specifically refer to a simple color, but between white, camel and coffee color, and is generally divided into milk tea nude, milk tea brown, caramel milk tea and so on.

The "milk tea color" of the fashion industry

Compared with black and white, which have obvious boundaries, milk tea has a gentle and neutral temperament, and can be coordinated with many colors. It is also a more classic popular color in the fashion industry.

"Milk tea color" in the home

If summer is suitable for cool and refreshing tones, then when winter is approaching, warm and mellow tones are suitable.

In the home collocation, the mild and soft tone of milk tea can bring a sense of healing to the space and make the home look more advanced.

caramel colour / Sweetness 80%

Caramel color is a rich and warm color, as if there is a sweet and burnt fragrance floating around.

In the home space, caramel color is used as an embellishment color most of the time, matching with light tones to bring different shades of visual hierarchy. In the cold winter air, the warmth is like spilling from the caramel-colored furniture items or decorations in the home, enhancing the comfort of the space.

Caramel color is sometimes used in the overall space, creating a calm and thick warm feeling, which makes people feel at ease.

Milk tea brown / Sweetness 50%

Milk tea brown can be said to be a more authentic milk tea color, like milk tea with the right proportions, although the taste is not so rich, it is silky and mellow.

Compared with the caramel color, the milk tea brown is slightly lighter, and it has a quiet and soft temperament. Applying milk tea brown to the home can give the space a stable and elegant atmosphere and create a comfortable and warm space.

At the same time, the milk tea brown also has neutral characteristics and is suitable for a variety of space styles. Whether it is the natural and peaceful Nordic style or the avant-garde modern style, the milk tea brown can be subtly integrated into it, showing a different spatial texture and visual effect.

Milk tea nude / Sweetness 30%

Like milk tea with more milk, the nude color of milk tea blends with more milky white elegance, revealing a soft temperament and delicate creaminess.

Whether it is covering a large area of ​​the home space or matching as a piece of furniture, the nude milk tea can create a simple, elegant and peaceful look and enhance the style of the space.

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With a warm and elegant milk tea color,

Add a little peace to the residence,

Soothe the fatigue in the heart,

Explore the softness and beauty of life.