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The minimalism of the slate, why is it so hot?

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-09-16

The minimalism of the slate, why is it so hot?

1,What is a rock board? What are the characteristics and advantages of rock slabs

Rock slab is neither porcelain nor brick, nor is it a large ceramic slab. It is a brand-new material. It is very different from ceramic tiles in raw material structure, production technology, firing technology, and performance, and can be further processed.

Features of rock slab:

1,Resistance to heat: The heat resistance of the rock slab material is very strong, even in800It also maintains its original state even at high temperatures, and there is no deformation or further cracking.

2,Dirty prevention: The rock slab material has super self-cleaning ability, sunlight resistance and anti-damage ability to keep it clean as new.

3.Affordable to scratch: you can scratch the surface of the rock slab with any iron binding or knife edge without leaving any traces

4.Keep color: environmentally friendly natural materials, more environmentally friendly,40No fading and deformation

2,The inner relationship between rock slabs and minimalism, light luxury, new Chinese style, and Northern Europe

The hottest style words in the past two years are: minimalism, light luxury, new Chinese, and Nordic! The slate surface is best for these styles! The meaning of light luxury and extreme simplicity.

3.What's the future prospect of slate

The rock slab is a combination of high technology, green environmental protection, and fashion. It combines the fashionable texture of marble, the hardness and temperature resistance of granite.

The rock slab has a full sense of design in terms of appearance, and its texture, modernity, and minimalism are all amazing.

It can be said that the development of Nordic, New Chinese, and light luxury is inseparable from the slate series of furniture.