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The most complete bedroom decoration encyclopedia, hurry to collect

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-07-02

How to arrange the switch socket of the bedroom?


● One bed with five holes and one five-hole socket with USB. Pay attention to the distance of the good bed in advance. The switch spacing between the two sides of the switch is 10-20 cm larger than the bed.

● At least two five-hole sockets are reserved for the TV background wall. Consider TVs, TV boxes, routers, air purifiers, electric fans, electric heaters, etc.;

● 16A three-hole socket, used for air-conditioner hang up, air conditioning power cable about 1-1.5 meters to remember to determine the location, of course, the father who uses the central air-conditioning please ignore this;

● At least 2 dual-control switches, one at the door of the bedroom and one at the bedside; why say at least two are considered. If the room uses both the bedside lamp and the ceiling light, multiple different switches may be required;

● In addition, if you are using cable TV, you may need a network cable jack.


Our own home, that is the wardrobe of the male and female children. It’s not good to reason, it’s just a morning of rushing to work. In the long run, your wardrobe screen is too messy, and Xiaobian can't look at it. So the size of the wardrobe is very important!


● Most of the finished wardrobes are really good for custom-made or woodworking wardrobes, but after all, many finished wardrobes are not inconsistent with the size of their own homes. Most of the tops will leave more difficult space for use. It is a pity to use ash, so small It is recommended to make a top wardrobe, and don't waste the space of 1 square meter!

●In the case of 650mm or less, it is generally designed to be used for small items. It is designed to be used for seasonal clothes at the scale of 650mm-1850mm. It is designed for less than 1850mm and is not commonly used and seasonal clothes. If the cabinet is to be done in the end, the cabinet is generally 2100mm, and the rest are all returned to the cabinet;

●The top height of the drawer is preferably less than 1250mm, especially for the elderly. The room should be considered about 1000mm, so that the use is more convenient, the height is 150mm-200mm, the width is 400mm-800mm; the thickness of the drawer is recommended to be 9mm, the structure is more Science, better bearing capacity;

●The trousers space should be kept at 650mm. If it is hanging on a hanger, it should be kept at least 700mm.

●The depth of the wardrobe is 530mm-620mm. Generally speaking, for women, the depth of the wardrobe is 580mm, plus the door, the whole wardrobe is about 600mm.

● It is recommended that the partition be 18mm thick in the closet, the span should not exceed 90cm, and the span should be 60~80cm, so that it can bear enough weight and will not be deformed.

Of course, when it comes to the wardrobe, there must be plates, and the processing factory that produces formaldehyde at home. The second name of the plate is absolutely no one dares to call the first.

Fir board

Also known as the finger joint board, it is a small piece of a small piece of stitching, all the stitching joints must use glue.

Advantages: Affordable, environmentally friendly without varnishing, with the fragrance of fir itself.

Disadvantages: rough surface, easy to hook clothes; because of its easy deformation and cracking, it can only be fixed with the wall during processing, can not move; the surface of the board is more piled and small holes, not beautiful; must be processed through multiple holes (fill holes, It can be put into use after being polished, waxed or painted.


Solid wood board

The base material used for solid wood furniture is natural wood, and the real pattern of wood can be seen on the surface.

Advantages: environmental protection, less pollution.

Disadvantages: the price is high, and it is difficult to take care of; because of the painting process, it is easy to change color, which is why the color of solid wood furniture will be used more and more. Sunlight, cold or overheating, too dry and humid environments are not suitable for solid wood furniture.

If it was put on ancient times, it might be a delicate lady.


Melamine board

It is a melamine impregnated film paper veneer wood-based panel. It is a decorative board which is made by putting paper with different colors or textures into a melamine resin adhesive and then drying it to a certain degree of curing, paving it on the surface of the hard fiberboard and hot pressing.

Advantages: affordable; no deformation, no cracking, no fading; rich colors; assembly and disassembly are very convenient, high-precision panel furniture can be disassembled and installed many times; environmentally friendly, fashionable.

Disadvantages: It is also environmentally friendly. Furniture produced by wood-based panels with excessive formaldehyde will cause indoor environment pollution. Consumers should pay attention to the purchase, you can open the door or drawer to smell, if there is a strong irritating smell, it is mostly formaldehyde, it is not suitable for purchase.


Wood board

It is called blockboard, also called big core board. It uses natural rotary-cut veneer and solid wood board to be glued and hot pressed.

Advantages: affordable; easy to process, is a common board for woodworking hand-made furniture, more suitable for furniture interior panels.

Disadvantages: Many blockboard release of hyperthyroidism exceeds the standard; easy to deform; some plates have hollow phenomenon, which will affect the screw bite force, so the choice of blockboard, its quality is the key.


EGGER board

The EGGER board is an imported sheet, which is a kind of sheet which is more suitable for furniture processing and production by cutting, pulverizing and high temperature and high pressure of natural logs.

Advantages: rich colors and patterns; formaldehyde release is also the lowest of several types of plates, the release amount is about 0.3mg / L, reaching the Japanese F4 star standard.

(Although he and Japan have contradictions in history and political affairs, they have to admire them for their sorrow, so all the requirements of the standards are harsh.)

Disadvantages: Of course, the corresponding price will be relatively large, and the market is full of counterfeit sellers.


highly recommended! ! !

●Select the fir board and the large core board with limited budget; choose the big brand as much as possible in choosing the brand;

● Local father, please turn over the brand of love grid.

However, no matter which type of board you buy, it is best to ask the merchant for the inspection report and quality inspection certificate of the board to ensure that the product is qualified and qualified.

Nowadays, the market is also very chaotic. Many merchants of the brains and thieves sell the composite doors as solid wood doors. It is necessary to know that the price can vary from 700 to 1500, and the price of the more high-grade wooden doors is even more different. So be sure to polish your eyes.


Composite door

The composite door is generally composed of an inner frame + a door core + a veneer.

Advantages: The door weight is light, not easy to deform, flame retardant, durable and cheap.

Disadvantages: It is easy to break and is afraid of water; the quality of the manufacturers is different, it is recommended to choose a big brand.

Solid wood doors

Generally, precious wood is used, so the price is relatively expensive, and the heat insulation capacity of the processed door is stronger than that of the composite door.

The solid wood door is actually divided into two types: the original wooden door and the solid wood door. The original wooden door is really not recommended for everyone to buy. The price is high and it is easy to crack. If you stay in less than one year, the door will be broken. You are not only huh, but also I can only continue to save money.

The second kind of solid wood door is solid wood skin outside the solid wood door core, and the performance is relatively stable. And the practicality is relatively high, the density is high, the weight is heavy, the thickness of the door is its advantage. I like to be in the room and worry about the parents who are disturbed by the solid wood door.


When the wooden door is generally sold, it will include the cost of the door cover, hardware or customization (the customization is mainly for the wooden door door with a length, width and height exceeding 2100 high * 900 wide * 150 thick).

However, occasionally there may be dogs and dogs on the wooden door to send hardware, you can not smirk inside, wooden doors business can not produce hardware, so they will not send them well, and when you upgrade or change styles are I want to add money.

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