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The most eye-catching colors in furniture are actually them?

  • Author:Teng
  • Release on:2019-06-22

Or the color of the old mahogany furniture is the most eye-catching, the brown-red color reveals the grain, and the clean and smooth wraps the patina.

First, in the traditional Chinese cognition"Black" and "Yellow" are the main colors

In the Ming Dynasty, yellow furniture was the most fashionable, such as huanghuali, eucalyptus, and eucalyptus.

In the Qing Dynasty, black furniture was the most fashionable, such as red sandalwood, mahogany, chicken wings, and iron.

This is because the lighting of the room has changed, and the appearance of the Qing Dynasty’s furniture in the Ming Dynasty has changed."The Qing Dynasty is not expensive and expensive."

Second, in Western culture"Brown", "Black", "White"

After western furniture entered China, chemical paints followed. The black paint looks noble, the white paint looks elegant, and the brown paint looks atmospheric.

three,Color depends on the environment and age

Older people like dark colors appear to be steady, young people like light colors and appear lively. These are often not contradictory in a family, such as the bedroom of the elderly and the bedroom of the young people can be treated differently.

Zhongtang furniture and study furniture can also be treated differently. Zhongtang should be solemn, and it is best to choose black. The study should be easy to choose yellow.

Therefore, there is no absolute color to look at. Everyone changes their favorite colors with age, mood, and realm. If you have economic conditions, you will often change the furniture and change the color. But in the end, you can accompany you to the old Chinese traditional mahogany furniture color.

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