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The new house is soft and fitted with emphasis, and the style and color should be harmonious.

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-10-29

Home decoration, as long as the overall tone is harmonious, the style is unified, it will make the overall feeling of this home very comfortable, very warm. Home, in addition to hard to be unified, software color tone style is also very important. Home furnishing, we need some skills, let's learn together~


There are four seasons in a year, warm spring, summer, cool autumn and cold winter, according to different seasons, climate, festivals, etc. to replace, with the corresponding color, simple replacement can create a different home style.


First, the style should be consistent

The combination of soft fabrics considers the style of the house decoration, determines the general style and color, and then arranges the basics according to this tone will not go wrong. Take the simple home style as an example. The jewelry with design sense is more suitable for the personality of the home space; if it is a rustic style, choose natural and random jewelry.


Second, the color system should be harmonious

The color of the home soft furnishings must be harmonious and unified, highlighting the three-dimensional sense of the interior space. If there are some hard lines or too cold tones in the house, they can be softened by fabric. When spring comes, put on a fabric with a fresh pattern to make the room full of spring. When the summer arrives, use the fruit or flower pattern to cool down and let the house have more coolness.


Third, the location should be appropriate

Soft cloth is a whole. It is not an easy task to combine so many parts. The balance of symmetry must be well grasped. If there are large furniture next to them, try to arrange them in order from high to low to make the vision more harmonious. Or keep the center of gravity of the two ornaments consistent, such as placing two lamps of the same style side by side.


Fourth, the number to be controlled

When many people arrange their homes, they can't wait to use all the accessories. This kind of mood can be understood, but the effect is not necessarily good. If there are too many accessories, it will make the room lose its character and personality. When placing ornaments, first classify them according to their attributes, put them together, and then change them according to the season, climate, festivals, etc., and change the mood of different homes.


Five, the size must be grasped

Start with small soft decorations, such as pillows, tablecloths, ornaments, pendants, etc. It is easier to get started. After being skilled, slowly arrange large-scale furnishings. Small and small jewelry, it is often more of a visual focus, showing the owner's taste.


Simply changing the fabric of different styles can transform different home styles, which is more economical and easier to change than furniture. The soft decoration of the home is very important, and it does not need to be fully equipped at one time. I don't like to change the style at any time. Have you learned this trick?


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