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The number of furniture complaints remains high, pay attention to four points when purchasing

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-06-17

A few days ago, the Jilin Province Consumers Association released the “Statistical Analysis of Acceptance of Complaints in the First Quarter of 2019”. The data showed that furniture complaints remained high, accounting for 56.96% of complaints about daily commodities.

  For example, in January of this year, Ms. Song, a consumer in Changchun City, complained that she purchased a set of furniture on the solid wood furniture in Tensen on September 1, 2018. It was used for more than three months and was changed twice due to quality problems. There are problems such as deformation of the sofa cushion. Ms. Song also found that the sofa on the shopping receipts was made of solid wood. The actual sofa was not solid wood. Ms. Song requested a return, and the merchant’s reply could only be repaired. Ms. Song complained to the Consumers Association of Erdao District, Changchun City. After mediation by the staff of the Consumers Association, the merchant returned the goods for the consumer and returned the payment of 8080 yuan.

  The reporter found that the number of complaints about furniture has been increasing all the time. The quality of products in the furniture market is uneven and the after-sales service is not perfect. When there are disputes, the merchants are pushing and pushing again. Judging from the statistics of complaints, furniture complaints are mainly concentrated in three aspects:

  First, product quality, delivery time, etc. do not conform to the contractual agreement. For example, in the process of making furniture, the merchants carry out the package, the color is not matched, the size is inaccurate, the merchant production cycle is too long, and the delivery is not delivered according to the contract.

  Second, the pricing method is “catty”. Sales staff often only tell consumers the price of materials used per square meter, while the metal fasteners, rails, hinges and other accessories used in custom furniture are charged separately; or merchants first attract consumers with low-cost packages. Then recommend the off-package products or high-priced accessories to earn profits.

  Third, the after-sales service is in the form. When the product quality problem occurs, the furniture often only repairs or takes a procrastination and perfunctory attitude, and does not repair or exchange it in time. In addition, merchants generally require consumers to pay the full amount or most of the money in advance of the furniture delivery. Some merchants will respond negatively to the consumer's appeal after the money is available, and it is more difficult to request a refund.

Experts suggest that consumers should pay attention to four things when choosing furniture:

  First, the place to buy must be formal. Consumers should purchase furniture as far as possible in formal large-scale shopping malls and stores, and choose operators with business qualifications and good reputation. Don't try to buy furniture products without any guarantee.

  The second is to sign the contract in detail. When purchasing furniture goods, you must sign a written contract, and specify in the contract the product quality, environmental protection requirements, delivery deadline, liability for breach of contract, "three guarantees" regulations and other relevant provisions, the verbal commitment to the sales staff, to sign the supplement The form of the contract is confirmed.

  Third, the delivery inspection should be careful. After the purchased furniture arrives, it is necessary to check whether it is consistent with the purchased furniture, whether the size is suitable, whether it has a strong pungent smell, etc.

  Fourth, the relevant notes should be retained. It is necessary to properly keep the purchase vouchers such as contracts and invoices in order to protect their legitimate rights and interests in a timely manner.

(Source: Home Preferred Index Institute Han Yaofeng)