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The parents' room is only arranged in this way, it is suitable!

In China, parents usually buy new homes for their children, and very few children buy new homes for their parents. Hundreds of good filial piety is the first, and filial piety is to be early. Setting up a bedroom for parents is a good filial act. So how can we arrange the parents' room? withTengyi FurnitureLet's take a look at Xiaobian!

1,The room, mainly the bed, choose the low bed for the parents' bed, to facilitate the parents to go to bed, followed by the mattress is soft and comfortable, so sleep more comfortable.

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2,The floor should be soft and non-slip. Parents can use wooden flooring for the old floor. It is not only cool in winter and cool in summer, but also the friction of the wooden floor is not so big, and it can also eliminate noise.

3,The light should be soft, because when the person is old, the eyes can't receive the stimulation, it is easy to cause dizziness, and if they are under the strong light for a long time, they will easily make their eye muscles too tight, causing them to be embarrassed.

4,The style of the parents' room should be calm, and the room can be arranged into a familiar style for parents. For example, in Chinese, Chinese style, parents may like more.

5,The choice of furniture, the mentality of the elderly parents is basically like a child, so the furniture for the parents should be like the protection of the baby, safety, the furniture needs to be more angular and more sleek.

6,Finally, parents need to be quiet, then the choice of wall, door and window materials, need to choose the sound insulation effect.

Pay attention to this6Point, presumably the parents will like it, because with this filial piety, parents are very happy.