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The real case of Grandma tells me that for family and children, don’t buy high-rises to buy a house.

Everyone knows that buying a house is a very troublesome but important thing. Today we will talk about one of them: the floor problem.


Many people say that the house is too low to buy, heavy in humidity, and noisy; it is not good to live too high, there is light pollution, and once the power is cut off, it is necessary to climb the stairs. If the pumping is slow, it is even more troublesome. So there has always been a debate, it is more appropriate to buy a house in the end.

There is a saying that has been recognized by many people. It is said that the 5-8 floor is better and the noise is not big. If the house is not close to the road or facing the street, the effect is better and there is plenty of sunshine. Even if the power is cut off, it will not climb the stairs to dozens. floor. It sounds great, but after I experienced one thing, I changed my mind.

A few years ago, Xiaoyan bought a house in the city, not an elevator room. There were only 6 floors, and Xiaoyan bought the sixth floor. After buying a house, my grandmother will rarely spend the night at Xiaoxiao’s house. After each visit, I will drive back to the country at least for two days. But last year, Xiaoyan took her grandmother from the countryside and lived for a few months. Something.


Grandma is old and used to living in the country. After going to the city, Xiaoxuan and the coward have to go to work. The children have to go to school. In the daytime, only the grandmother is alone at home. Since she doesn't speak Mandarin, she doesn't know people in the city. She stays at home every day and doesn't go out.

At first, all relatives felt that Grandma was not bad, they didn't have to do things, and they could live in the city. Isn't that the idea of ​​many old people? But slowly, the grandmother became ill, her limbs were weak, she was unwilling to talk, she couldn't eat anything, and she was seriously hospitalized.

I went to several large hospitals. After the results came out, the doctors said that there was no problem, that is, the body was weak, and it would be fine if it was well-conditioned. Don't worry. But considering the age of the elderly, the daughters of Grandma took turns around with them until they finally returned to hospital.


Some people say that it is normal for the elderly to get sick, but after this incident, we came to a conclusion: the reason why the grandmother is not good is not because of illness, but because she is not used to living in the city, there is no activity, no communication, and the final constitution changes. difference.

As I said before, my grandmother didn't dare to go out in the city. I was afraid that I wouldn't know the way to go home. I didn't know how to speak Mandarin at home. It was also a person at home during the day. She didn't even switch TV stations. She only watched a show. . When you are in the country, you can talk to your neighbors and make fun of you. You can also go to the local activities and enjoy the sun.

However, after living in the 6-storey building, the grandmother and the country life have almost opened the boundaries, how can an elderly person who lives in the country for a lifetime adapt? So slowly the old man is ill. After this incident, the grandmother went back to the country to live, and said with enthusiasm, it is still good in the country, like a prison in the city every day.


Things have already been finished. What do I want to explain with this matter? When we buy a house, we have to consider more about the family. If there are old people and children in the house, we must not buy too high floors. For the elderly, if they lose power, can they climb so high?

For small children, high-rise buildings are actually very dangerous. In recent years, there have not been many news reports. Are children falling from the balcony? Living too high, when I want to look out the window, I find myself in the air. For many elderly people who are not used to it, they don't want to see the scenery outside the window.


Therefore, after the work of my grandmother and the voices of some old people, I feel that we must consider the elderly and children when we buy a house. Don't buy too high.