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The reason and solution for the appearance of the wallpaper, once again prove the importance of the

Hi everybody, I'mTengI am very happy to share my knowledge with you. What I bring to you today is the knowledge about wallpapering during the decoration process.


With the change of environmental awareness and aesthetics, whether it is renovation of new houses or renovation of old houses, wallpaper has become more and more popular, because it has a very good decorative effect, what styles, patterns, patterns, etc. can be desired. Easily satisfied. Quality-qualified wallpaper can also greatly reduce the occurrence of formaldehyde problems, which is also an important reason for many owners to choose it.

Although wallpaper is the preferred wall decoration material for many decoration owners, everything has two sides. The wallpaper seems to be perfect, but it is not without problems. The most troublesome thing is that there will be problems with the curling during use. Affect the aesthetics of the home space. Why is the wallpaper curled up? How to put wallpaper to prevent wallpaper from curling?


Generally speaking, if the problem of wallpaper curling is generally because the wall surface is not cleaned, the surface is rough, excessively dry or wet before the wallpaper is applied, the glue of the wallpaper and the base layer are not firmly adhered. The possibility of curling is greatly increased.

In addition, the glue needs to be glued. If the adhesion of the glue is too low, the adhesion to the base layer is not strong, and the wallpaper will be lifted. Here is a little trick to share with everyone, wallpaper stickers need to close the door and close the window, let the wallpaper glue dry naturally, so as to prevent the glue from cooling when the wind is cooled, especially when the temperature is low in winter.


Finally, there is a situation in which the quality of the wallpaper itself is not good. Although the wallpaper is more economical than other materials, it is not good for each material. Especially the PVC wallpaper is not breathable, and the paper base and rubber meet. The water expansion rate is not the same, and the gas generated by the putty layer itself cannot be oozing out, which may cause curling and bubbling.

How to solve the problem mentioned above? Clean the wall before cleaning the wallpaper, clean the paint, wallpaper or nails on the wall, and repair the holes. This is very important. If the wall is not cleaned up, the possibility of bulging and curling in the later stage is very high.


In order to make the seams of the wallpaper tight, use different tools to flatten and compact according to different types of wallpapers, squeeze out excess adhesive glue, and wipe off the remaining liquid with a wet towel. The pressure along the side seam is uniform, and should not be too large to prevent the glue from being squeezed out to form a non-adhesive property.

The rubber towel should not be too large to prevent the glue from being squeezed out to form a non-adhesive property. Wipe the rubber towel should not be too wet, to avoid the water from the edge of the paper infiltrated the base layer to wash the glue and reduce the bonding strength.


Summary: Although wallpaper is a very popular choice, whether it is to choose a qualified wallpaper, or the construction process, it reflects a professional, if you do not buy a good wallpaper, the construction workers are not professional, maybe it will not last long There are various small problems that affect our mood and life.


In summary, whether it is wallpapering or painting, we not only have to buy the right products, but also have responsible construction workers. The knowledge about wallpaper is shared here. I am tweeting, paying attention to me, and more exciting content waiting for you to share.