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The saury will expire and the clothes will be out of date, but these furniture will never expire?

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-04-24

"I don't know when I started, there is a day on every thing, the saury will expire, the meat sauce will expire, and even the wrap will expire. I began to wonder that in this world, what else will not expire?——Chongqing Forest

Fortunately, some furniture, unlike clothes that are out of date, some classic furniture will never go out of style.

The following is some of the classic furniture compiled by Tengyi Furniture Xiaobian according to the online information, just like gold to preserve the value, to ensure that you do not regret after buying.

One,LC4Lounge chair

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LC4The recliner is at1929Master of designLe Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte PerriandTogether, each angle is the best support for the human body, and every detail can bring rest and joy. The eye-catching shape is the best decoration, and it is also the famous modern art museum in the United States.MOMAOne of the most important collections.

two,Barcelona chair

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it is1929Mies was designed for the German Pavilion at the Barcelona Expo. Look at the chair from the side, two intersectingxThe steel frame structure, two rectangular leather pads form the seat surface and the seat back, and is fixed on the belt of the frame. At first glance, it is like a low-key chair that the overbearing president will buy.


Click "Here"understand moreYChair information, you can also go to the furniture1688search for

Y Chair Chair designerHans J. WegnerDesigned in1950year,Hans J.WegnerThe furniture design has a deep relationship with Chinese Ming and Qing furniture. The ring-shaped handrail and the slightly curved backrest are strictly in accordance with the curved curve of the human body.Sitting very comfortable.

four,Egg chair

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Egg chairEgg Chair) was designed for the lobby and reception area of ​​the Royal Copenhagen Hotel, because the machines were not mature at the time and everything had to be hand-treated.Arne JacobsenEgg chairs are designed in the garage of the home.

Fives,Swan chair

Click "Here"Learn more about Swan Chairs, or you can go to Tengjiao Furniture."1688search for

Swan chair1958Danish designer JacobsonDesigned. Jacobson is20The most influential architect and designer of the century, the father of Nordic modernism, is Danish functionalismAdvocate. The swan chair is named for its appearance as a static swan. The lines are smooth and beautiful with a sculptural aesthetic, even with the human bodyModel Compared with it is not inferior. The egg chair is said to have been treated by Ero.Sharining's uterus chair, but the egg chairThe design is much more mature, and its armrests and backs look like holding an invisible egg, giving a full sense of security. Very similar to the egg chair is the swan chair, which is very innovative in manufacturing technology. The chair body is made of curved surface, and there is no straight bar at all. The chair body is made of synthetic material, wrapped in cloth and covered with cloth or leather. Shows Jacobson's ultimate pursuit of material application.

six,Eames recliner and footstool

Click "Here"Learn more about Eames chair, you can also go to Tengjiao furniture."1688search for

Eames Lounge Chair is EamesCouple designed, has becomeThe most important thing in the United StatesNowMOMAPermanent collection!Eames Lounge Chairborn in1956Year, still very popular with the world;2003Year was included in the world's best product design forest,2006YearICFFOn, attracting everyone's attention, radiant; film director of the film awardBilly WilderBirthday presentHerman MillerwithVitraThe darling.

Seven,Elms wood chair

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This is another molded plywood chair from Eames.Also called curved wood chairThe seat and back are made of molded plywood, which is connected by chrome-plated steel pipe.uThe shape of the front legs is higher than the hind legs. Eames' furniture is designed in a wide range of styles. It does not seem to have a definite style. It only emphasizes the unity and practicality of design. It is called Eames Aesthetics.

EightBibiden chair

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Eileen Gray Bibendum(Be sure to chair) is a famous designerEileen Grayin1926Designed in the year, he also called his Michelin chair in China.Eileen Gray BibendumUnique in appearance, it is humanized design.Eileen Gray Bibendum(must be better than the chair) was not known to the world at first, until1972At an auction in the year, people caught the attention and began to sweep the world.Eileen Gray BibendumThe design is inspired by the Michelin tires, the cartoon color is deep, and the sitting is comfortable, it is very safe, it is easy to fall in love with it.

Nine, Japanese chair

Click "Here"Learn more about the sundial chairInformation, you can also go to the furniture1688search for

The sundial chair is also called the Corona chair.Danish designer PaulWaldPoul M. Volther)in1962The design of the year, the chair is full of sculptural feeling, the Scandinavian style of simple shape and the extremely comfortable sitting feel make this chair a handed down work, four ovals form a unique chair, regardless of placement Everything is unforgettable.

ten,Uterine chair

Click "Here"Learn more about the uterus chair, you can also go to the furniture1688search for

Uterus chair: This piece of work challenges the traditional concept of furniture, giving people a visually powerful momentum. The chair is wrapped in soft cashmere. Sitting on it has a feeling of being gently embraced by a chair, providing a comprehensive sense of comfort and security, as in the mother's womb. A well-recognized mid-modernist product of the century has also become a truly modern classic!

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