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The sofa is dirty and need not be disassembled or washed. It is cleaner than washing!

  • Author:Tengye Smart Furniture
  • Release on:2020-01-09

Exquisite furniture can add a lot to our home

But when it comes to furniture cleaning,

Many friends may have headaches

The carpet was sprinkled with drinks,

The sofa is stained with oil,

Scratches on the wooden table...

Each one makes you want to cry in minutes

So let's talk to you today

The little tricks that make the furniture look new

If you are still worried about cleaning furniture,

Just look down~

What to do if the furniture is dirty?

/ Sofa cleaning /

A good-looking sofa can enhance the style of the living room, and also provide a warm space for chatting and leisure for the family. However, the sofa is easy to accumulate dust, and it is troublesome to take apart and wash."Cleaning Challenge."

Tell everyone, in fact, the sofa is not so troublesome to clean, as long as you use some small methods, you can easily refresh the sofa.

Fabric sofa

The daily cleaning of the cloth sofa does not need to be disassembled at all. You only need a rolling pin, a towel, and a bottle of alcohol.

Put the concentration as75% Alcohol into a watering can, then spray the cloth evenly, then spread the cloth flat on the sofa and press it a few times.

If you want the effect to be more significant, you can use a stick to constantly hit the rag, or gently rub it, and the dust on the sofa will disappear.

The principle is very simple, that is, by knocking the dust out of the sofa. And the dust that popped up was adsorbed on the cloth moistened with alcohol. In this way, the cloth sofa can be cleaned without disassembly.~

② plush sofa

How to clean a soft suede sofa? I believe this is also a problem that many friends worry about. After all, improper cleaning can easily make the plush fade or harden.

In fact, if you want to clean the suede sofa, you can do it with homemade cleaners.

Prepare an empty plastic bottle, fill a half bottle of water in the bottle, and add some alcohol, an appropriate amount of white vinegar, baking soda, and a fabric softener.

Then spray the prepared mixture against the sofa.

After spraying with a brush, the dust and stains will disappear. When the cleaning agent evaporates, use a bristle brush to smooth the sofa suede, and the sofa will look like a new one!

Leather sofa

Leather sofas are more delicate, and the choice of cleaning products needs attention. If the stain is small, you can slightly dampen the rag and wipe it with some soap. Be sure to choose a mild natural soap. Too strong soap will damage the leather.

If the stain is serious, it is recommended that you prepare a bottle of leather cleaner, which can quickly remove the stain and restore the surface of the sofa. It is also very convenient to use!

If cleaning expensive leather sofas, it is recommended to choose a special leather cleaning solution regardless of the size of the stain.

/ Wooden furniture cleaning /

Wooden furniture is easy to be scratched after using it for a long time, but the following method can make wooden furniture flat and shiny again.~

Mix white vinegar, lemon juice, and olive oil thoroughly, then pour into a small bottle.

Squeeze a little while using and wipe the wooden home.

The furniture immediately became shiny and shiny, and the scratches disappeared 80%!

It is best to use tea water when wiping the floating ash on wooden furniture. Collect the leftover tea bags and pour into a bucket and add water.

Wipe the wooden floor with a soft rag, not only clean it, but also to maintain the wooden floor, it is bright once a month, and also leaves the fragrance of tea.

/ Metal furniture cleaning /

Metal furniture is simple and generous, but the biggest disadvantage is that it is prone to rust on moisture, which seriously affects the aesthetics of the furniture.

For the rust on metal furniture, you can use a soft cloth dipped in toothpaste and wipe it slowly. Repeatedly, the surface of the metal furniture can restore the metal luster, just like new.

Metal furniture is the same as solid wood furniture. It is best to place it in direct sunlight to prevent the paint from discoloring, the paint layer from cracking and peeling, and the metal from oxidative deterioration.

/ Rattan furniture cleaning /

Rattan furniture is woven by hand, and it is unavoidable to hide dirt and dust in the gap. Therefore, regular dust removal care and maintenance are needed to be more natural and breathable.

Rattan furniture can be washed directly, but because rattan can absorb moisture, once the excess moisture is absorbed, the rattan structure will become soft and loose. So quickly rinse with water after dusting, then wipe off the moisture with a dry rag, let it dry in the sun or air dry.

/ Carpet cleaning /

The carpet item really makes a lot of people"Love and hate", on the one hand, is the most convenient item to add the warmth and personality in the home, and on the other hand, it makes the scalp numb every time you think of washing. In fact, I feel that the carpet cleaning is troublesome. It ’s a little trick that you do n’t know yet.

① Daily cleaning

Routine carpet cleaning is mainly to remove the dust in the carpet, especially long-haired carpets such as wool carpets, and vacuum cleaners are a good helper for carpet dust. Weekly1-2A second vacuum can effectively suppress the accumulation of dust mites in the carpet.

At present, ordinary household vacuum cleaners are generally equipped with multiple brush heads, which can be used to clean carpets. If the [carpet] option provided on the vacuum cleaner is the best, it will have less irritation to carpet fibers.

② stain cleaning

The bear child at home accidentally got the snack on the carpet? The various oil stains on the carpet can be removed without washing.

Pour starch, flour, or salt into the stained area, and then lightly press with a spoon.

After a few minutes, the starch can be sucked away with a vacuum cleaner, no oil residue can be seen at all.

If you accidentally spill a drink on the carpet, just use a tissue paper to absorb the moisture in time, and then wipe it gently with a dry cloth and vinegar to prevent stains.

③ Remove odor

In addition to the cleaning tricks described by Ji Tsaijun above, there is also a problem with the cleaning of carpets. Especially in pet-friendly families, pets will have a strange smell after playing on the carpet.

At this time can be in a cup100mlPour four spoons of vinegar into the warm water, wet the towel and wring it dry, wipe the carpet from beginning to end, and finally air dry in a ventilated place.

In addition to eliminating the odor generated by pets and carpets after long-term use, this method can also prevent the carpet from fading and discoloring.

What to do if the furniture is yellow?

/ Wooden furniture: white vinegar /

If yellowish stains appear on wooden furniture, use white vinegar and warm water to1: 1The ratio is adjusted to wipe the stains on the furniture surface.

If the stain is difficult to remove, you can leave the vinegar on the stained surface for a while and wipe it with a soft cloth to basically remove the yellowing stain.

/ Lacquered furniture: with tea /

If the surface of the painted furniture is yellow, you can use gauze to wrap some overnight tea leaves and wipe it gently to remove it. Then don't forget to wipe the tea with a damp cloth dampened with water.

/ White furniture: with toothpaste /

The white furniture at home is most prone to yellowing. At this time, you can use a rag dipped in toothpaste or tooth powder, and gently apply it on the yellowish white furniture to improve the yellowing phenomenon.

Be careful not to rub hard when wiping. The tooth powder abrasive in toothpaste may wear off the paint and cause furniture surface damage. After removing the residue of toothpaste with a damp cloth, wipe it with a dry cloth.