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The sofa that makes you comfortable may hurt you the most

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2020-08-31

Talk about how we should choose a suitable "sofa" in decoration.

The "hard outfit" is dealt with, and then the "soft outfit" will be carried out. Let's take a look at the sofa first. There are many types of sofas. Each sofa has its own advantages and disadvantages. How to choose? Don't worry, let's compare them one by one.

The high-end atmosphere of leather sofa, the disadvantage is that it is not very breathable. We may have this experience. In summer, we sit up in sweat, and when we stand up, the skin and the sofa are still stuck together, and the skin contact surface is red.

The wooden sofa is elegant and elegant, and the details are not simple. It is very suitable for the decoration of "small fresh" style. However, it is usually hard, and the whole person has to sit tightly after sitting on it. It is very simple and tired after a long time.

The fabric sofa has an elegant style and a variety of pictures. However, it is more troublesome when cleaning. It simply hides the dirt and needs to take the entire cloth surface apart to clean it up.

Next is the "lazy sofa" that is very popular among young people. The "lazy sofa" is very comfortable when you lie down and sit down. Many people will buy one at home. They will lie on it and play with their mobile phones when they come home from get off work. It is very comfortable, but be aware that it is also a "killer" of a healthy spine.

To be precise, it is not only a "lazy sofa", but any inappropriate sofa may endanger the health of the spine.

This is not nonsense, but many people have had problems sitting on the poor sofa for a long time.

According to the British Daily Mail A report in 2015 stated that the study found that a softer sofa would cause increased lower back pain.

Although a soft sofa will bring comfort, but physical therapists Richard Evans advises us: sitting on a soft sofa will cause the body to always be in a poor posture, causing lower back pain; sitting for a long time will also cause postural deformation and put more pressure on the spine.

So the problem is that modern people sit for so long (on average 8 hours or more)——

Which sofa is better for the spine?

How to choose a good sofa properly?

What kind of posture is better on the sofa?

To answer the above questions, first of all, you must have an understanding of the structure of the sofa. Pay attention to the following three points when choosing a sofa.


The viewpoint here is the inclination of the backrest, which refers to the viewpoint that the backrest of the sofa is tilted backward. Some of this viewpoint is big and some are small.

Some scholars have discovered through research that the comfort of different backrest angles is different when sitting. The comfort is best at 110 degrees, followed by 120 degrees, and the backrest angle of about 100 degrees has the worst comfort. That is, it is the most sad when the back of the chair is straight, and the most comfortable when it is slightly skewed.

In addition to comfort, the backrest angle is also important for spine health. Nahesen of Sweden and Japanese researchers found through a pressure test of human intervertebral discs that when the back tilt point of view is At 120 degrees, the disc pressure and muscle activity are in the most favorable conditions.

In other words, in The inclination of the backrest of 110 degrees to 120 degrees is the most suitable for our comfort and health, too large or small is not good.

Lumbar pillow

Next is the waist pillow, which is also necessary. The lumbar pillow is a bulge on the back of the lumbar spine. This bulge can help maintain the physiological curvature of the lumbar spine, improve the pressure on the lumbar intervertebral disc, and avoid excessive muscle fatigue.

Studies have shown that the height of the waist pillow is At 200 mm, the body's self-exhaustion is the lowest. 150 mm. Secondly, this height also helps to maintain the forward curvature of the lumbar spine. Of course, the condition is to sit correctly and not to rest on the sofa.


The third is the height of the backrest, which has a great impact on the spine.

Some sofas have no backrest at all, such as the lazy sofa, which is very bad for the health of the spine. The lack of support for the spine when sitting can cause problems with the muscles of the spine and the intervertebral discs.

Generally speaking, the backrest of a civilian sofa will not be too high, and the neck will not be leaned on the backrest to ensure the sensitive movement of the cervical spine.

The backrest of the sofa is too high to be beautiful; it is too low to support the spine, and the recommended backrest height is 60 cm, followed by 45 cm. If it is too low, the comfort will be worse. If it is too high, it will simply cause stiff shoulders and neck discomfort.

Correct sitting posture

It is also very important to have a correct sitting posture when choosing a suitable sofa.

When we sit for a long time, the pelvis will tilt backwards, and people will bend the waist and sit on the sofa. This will feel very relaxed, the muscles will not exert much strength, but the pressure of the intervertebral disc will increase; to keep the minimum disc pressure , We must maintain the spine S-shaped curve, but the back muscles will exert strength to maintain, which will make you feel very tired, too difficult to hold on.

Therefore, it is recommended to stand up and walk properly after sitting for a long time. Avoid excessive pressure on the spine, and usually be able to lean on the back of the chair for a while, then sit on the front of the sofa cushion, and try to straighten the lumbar spine. It is also a better way to keep the spine healthy.

For people who sit for a long time, some rehabilitation exercises are also recommended. Prolonged sitting for a long time simply deteriorates the strength of the back muscles. Appropriate back muscle exercises to avoid the chest-bearing figure caused by prolonged sitting for a long time are also beneficial to the health of the spine.

Today’s sharing is over. I hope it will help us choose the sofa. The sofa’s own planning has a great influence on the health of the spine. We must choose carefully.~