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The summer is coming, the furniture needs to be cooled and maintained. Do you know these little comm

Summer is coming, summer heat and ultraviolet light can not stand, furniture may not be able to withstand, plus the summer air is humid and hot, it is easy to affect the life of the furniture, so do not forget to give furniture to your home when doing maintenance Do maintenance.

the first,Direct sunlight protection

The summer sun is warm, the ultraviolet rays are strong, and the furniture should be protected from direct sunlight. If the furniture is exposed to heat for a long time, there will be thermal expansion and contraction, just like our skin will be tight and uncomfortable, furniture will also have cracks, partial fading, etc., and even some places will be cracked and deformed, so when the afternoon or noon sunshine In a stronger time, in places where it is inevitable to come into contact with the sun, you can use some thick curtains to shade.

second,Moisture proof and moisture proof

Damp heat is a taboo for natural solid wood furniture. Therefore, it is necessary to pay great attention to plate and solid wood furniture. The waterproof pad can be installed under the furniture leg which is easy to absorb. If the furniture is damp, if the situation is not serious, it should be ventilated and dried in time; if there is condensation or mildew, it is necessary to dry the water droplet first, and mildew with mild cleaning agent. Remove the spots and dehumidify.

third,Dust removal

1,Elm furniture: In the hot and humid weather in summer, try not to use the rag with water to rub the furniture to prevent it from being deformed by moisture and reduce the service life. In the summer, it is best to use pure cotton knit cloth to remove dust from the furniture of the coffin, and then use a soft wool brush to remove the dust from the depression or the relief pattern.

2,Cloth furniture: A major problem faced by fabric furniture in the summer is that it is easy to become a place where dust accumulates. At this time, it is necessary to remove dust frequently. At least once a week, use a vacuum cleaner or brush to brush fabric furniture to prevent dust or stains from remaining in the fiber for a long time.

3,Leather furniture: leather furniture summer sweating is very easy to absorb sweat, high temperature will make sweat organic matter and leather chemical reaction, will produce odor, so leather furniture must be rubbed.

To sum up: whether it is sheet furniture, fabric furniture, leather furniture can not be placed under the sun under the sun, there is to avoid some air conditioning outlets and other places, so as to avoid premature aging.