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The things in the living room are a little less!

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-10-15

Does your home really need a complicated and messy living room?

Due to the rapid development of the Internet, traditional TVs have been gradually replaced by mobile phones and computers, and the usage rate has become lower and lower, almost becoming a chicken-like display.

The bulky big sofa also likes to get into the bedroom and rest in the bedroom because of the master’s work. It’s insignificant in the role of the character; not to mention the coffee table, it’s already unknowingly smashed into a pile of debris. The presence.

Some families are reluctant to give up, but they also feel their lower and lower utilization rates in their daily lives.

It must be said that in addition to occasional guest visits and small parents living, our living room seems to be getting colder and colder.

In this case, why not set the living room to the look you want?

01 traditional "sofa + coffee table + TV"

Already OUT!

Good design is "people-oriented". In order to make the living room space be used reasonably and efficiently to make it more in line with our own lifestyle, we must not be bound by fixed thinking.

such as:

If your home TV rarely comes in handy, then you don't have to spend a lot of time creating a video wall, using bookcase walls, lockers + decorative paintings, etc., is also a very good choice;

If you want a more relaxed and comfortable leisure space, you can abandon the local coffee table and large sofa, and use the single sofa + seat to meet the demand, you can give space more flexibility and freedom;

Therefore, in the layout of the living room, the topic of whether to "overturn the old three children that have not changed for many years", as a friend with a certain life pursuit, can not be too entangled.

What we must make clear is that leaving what you really need and giving up all meaningless furnishings will not only feel that they are lacking, but will greatly facilitate their own lives.

The living room is not arranged as much as possible, but it is suitable for spaciousness and comfort.

When the furniture and furnishings of this space are basically balanced between practicality and value, it actually gives way to life.

By simplifying and simplifying, you can dig out more possibilities for your own personal life.

02 Let your personality needs be fully reflected in the living room

The living room design carries the owner's aesthetic taste and taste, and is also the best embodiment of the owner's lifestyle.

If you feel that the living room does not need the so-called standard items, you can even consider giving up the concept of the "living room" functional area, jumping out of the traditional thinking mode and designing it as a "family core area" is more appropriate.

In short, what you like, define what the function of the living room is.

If you don't like to watch TV while watching the rules, then give up the furniture, lay the mats or build the popular tatami mats and the floor to let you enjoy the ultimate relaxation.

Or integrate the functions of the study, office area, yoga room, parent-child activity area, audio-visual area into the living room, on the one hand, strengthen the interaction and communication between family members, and on the other hand, improve the utilization of the overall space. Tailored and multi-faceted, let the living room play a bigger role.

For small-sized apartments with limited size, it is an ideal choice to integrate the open kitchen with the living room, which is convenient for the family to accompany the communication in the large space of the kitchen and kitchen.

The coffee table can also be replaced according to the needs of its own personality, and the small round table can be replaced by the shape and the convenient movement, so that the space is simple and light.

In short,

There is no standard in the layout of the living room.

Because everyone's lifestyle and aesthetic cognition are different.

So, don't be confused!

(Article source: Decoration information)