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The unknown features of walnut slab furniture

  • Author:Tengye Smart Furniture
  • Release on:2020-01-10

Walnut furniture is not uncommon in our lives, but before buying walnut furniture, many people are not very clear about the quality of walnut furniture and the advantages and disadvantages of homes made of walnut material. Today I will show you all about walnut and really know about walnut furniture.

What is walnut

Walnut is a relatively high-quality furniture material. North America and Europe are the main sources of walnut. China's domestic walnut is light in color. Black walnut is light dark brown with purple and has a large parabolic pattern. It is expensive and rarely applied to solid wood furniture. The main reason is that walnut wood is used for edging, and veneer is often used for furniture.

Features of walnut furniture


Walnut sapwood is milky white, heartwood ranges from light brown to dark chocolate, with occasional purple and darker stripes.

2, Wood grain:

The walnut tree is usually straight, sometimes with wavy or curly tree patterns, forming a pleasing decorative pattern. The walnut furniture produced has a very beautiful appearance and texture.

3Physical properties:

Walnut is a sturdy hardwood with medium density, moderate bending and compression resistance, poor toughness, and good thermoforming ability, so walnut furniture is more durable.


Walnut furniture heartwood has strong anti-corrosion ability. It is one of the most durable woods even in corrosive environments. The sapwood is easily damaged by powder.

5Processing characteristics:

Walnut is easy to machine with hand and machine tools. Suitable for nailing, auger and gluing. Paints and stains can be retained for a long time and can be sanded for a special final effect. But the drying is very slow and care needs to be taken to avoid reduced losses after drying in the kiln.

Advantages and disadvantages of walnut furniture


1.The color of walnut wood is elegant, the wood grain is exquisite, clear and charming, and the furniture is elegant and generous;

2.Walnut has a low sweat rate, and the shrinkage and swelling of the wood will not have a significant impact on walnut furniture;

3.Walnut furniture is not easy to crack and deform.

4.Strong heat-pressing ability; strong durability; strong anticorrosive ability of heartwood


1.Walnut furniture is so expensive that it is difficult for ordinary families to afford it;

2.The wood structure of walnut is not as tight as that of rosewood, and its compressive and bending resistance is only moderate;

3.The exposed parts of walnut furniture need to be well protected to avoid damage.

4.The sapwood is easy to be damaged by powder; the bending and compression resistance are medium, and the toughness is poor.

1.Material characteristics:

Walnut furniture's wood is moderate in weight, moderate in hardness and softness, wood fibers are well-proportioned, medium and thin, and the strength can meet the tenon-and-mortise force of the furniture. The furniture made of walnut has its superior material characteristics in terms of artistic forms such as form, structure, material, line or carving. The color of the walnut wood is very even. Its wooden tube holes also contain dark sediment gums with grease . The furniture is made of high-quality, high-grade and guaranteed use and beauty.

2.Structural strength:

The walnut material is suitable for the structural strength of the furniture. At the corner joint of the furniture legs and the table top, the waist straight tenon and the two-sided handsome corner tenon are used. The structure is very rigorous. At the foot, pull the cymbals under the straight leg and install the dental plate. , Can meet the craftsman's production of tenon and tenon strength. Furniture legs and sloping sides, sub-face raglan structure, various lifting lines(Thigh edge4Minute,5Minute,7Concave concave lines)A plump and pliable effect can be achieved.

Walnut material has a uniform and exquisite wood grain and good resistance to bending and corrosion, which makes it one of the materials for furniture production. However, because of its scarce and expensive wood, the high-quality furniture made of walnut requires high consumption power.