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There are 9 brothers in the Windsor chair. Forgive me for only seeing 2 models. Do you know a few?

In life, we will encounter a variety of furniture, and some will make you unforgettable at a glance. There is such a product, you may not remember when I just describe it, but when it is presented to you, you will say "Yeah, it is it!"


That's right, this is the "Windsor Chair" that combines classic and fashion. No one knows when it was born. It only knows that it was "born" in a certain village in the UK. For hundreds of years, the name of the Windsor chair has not been reduced, and numerous designers and masters have transformed it, but in the end, the Windsor chair is inseparable from the simple atmosphere and comfortable features.

There are a total of 9 types of Windsor chairs, each of which has left its unique atmosphere in the long river of history. Let's take a look at the 9 brothers of the Windsor Chair.

Comb back Windsor chair


Originated in the 1950s and 1980s, it was named after the upper end of the backrest like a comb. The shape of the backrest was picked up at both ends, and there were many scroll-shaped decorations.

Bowback Windsor Chair


Originating in the 1880s, it is the most compact and easy to machine type, with the backrest bent down into a bow and connected directly to the rear end of the seat.

Low back Windsor chair


Originated in the 18th century, it is widely regarded as the first Windsor chair in the United States. The back of the chair is low, about a little above the waist.

Fan back Windsor chair


Originating in the 1870s, the fan-backed Windsor chair adds a V-shaped elongated spindle member to the back, which effectively enhances the weight of the backrest.

Bag back Windsor chair


Originated in the 1950s to the 60th century, the upper end of the backrest adds a crosspiece, which is like a combination of a bow back and a low back.

Circle back Windsor chair


It originated in the 1880s and was very popular in New York. It is the evolution of the back of the baggage chair, you can remove the crossbar.

Rod back Windsor chair


Around the beginning of the 19th century, there was a big breakthrough in design and structure, and the backrest became a bit square, which is the most obvious feature of the back of the Windsor chair.

Windsor writing chair


Originated in the 1860s, as the name suggests, a writing board is installed on a chair and can be used as a desk.

Windsor bench


It is the extended form of the ordinary Windsor chair. It generally has five forms of low back, comb back, arch back, ring back and rod back, but low back is more common.

Conclusion: Whether it is ordinary people, high-end residences, coffee cafes, hotel restaurants, and even the United Nations building, you can see the Windsor chair. It is able to withstand scrutiny, and it is constantly being recreated - classic.


Although the Windsor chair is very common, I have only seen two models so far, namely the bowback Windsor chair and the low back Windsor chair. How many models have you seen in your life?