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There are a lot of sofas, and many people are casually arranging. You should pay attention to it.

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-08-26

There are many places to put on the sofa. Many people are casually arranging. You should pay attention to it. In the home decoration, it is a very important design requirement for the placement of the sofa, because the sofa is placed in the space area of ​​the living room. Once placed in place, it will lead to a decline in the aesthetics, practicality and experience of the living room, which will have an impact on the entire living room. Therefore, in the placement of the sofa, we must pay special attention to make the home's living comfortable and comfortable. So today, let’s take a look at the layout of the sofa and what is on the requirements of the placement. I hope that sharing can help everyone.

U-shaped display

The U-shaped arrangement of the sofa is a pocket-mounted model. This kind of sofa is the best one. Because it is pocket-sized, it looks a bit like a purse bag, which means the wallet. This will make the home wealth better, and make the occupants earn a lot in their careers and business.

Do not place under the beam

The design of the beam is actually to make the house more stable, and the beam also acts as a separate functional area inside the home, so that the boundaries of each functional area can be clearly defined. However, placing the sofa at the lower end of the beam means that the sofa spans the two functional areas. This placement can cause confusion in the functional area, resulting in uncomfortable living.

Don't lay by the window

Sofas generally need to be placed against a solid wall, which means that there is a relatively stable backing to help the sofa become not easily moved, and placing a sofa on the side of the window will actually make the whole sofa Unreasonable, especially the lighting of the window will make people on the sofa feel excessive light causing dizziness. Therefore, the sofa placed against the window must be moved as soon as possible.

Well, regarding the placement requirements of the sofa, Xiaobian will share it here. Generally speaking, as long as the sofa meets the conditions that do not cross the functional area, U-shaped and placed against the solid wall, it can be realized correctly. Place the requirements.

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