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These points you need to know about custom furniture!

In today's society, with the improvement of people's living standards, the furniture market has also changed. Nowadays, furniture customization has become the mainstream of consumption. More and more people like to pursue individuality and decorate their own houses. When decorating a house, it will generally choose a customized service, including custom furniture, living room sofa, coffee table, TV cabinet, side and so on.

So what are the benefits of furniture customization?

Customization can also be said to be privately customized, that is, more personalized, in line with the style of home improvement, design liberalization, high space utilization, and different furniture can choose the material and brand, but the price will be more expensive, generally The price of custom furniture is based on the projected area or the expanded area.

Suggestions for choosing custom furniture:

1. Choose a large-scale enterprise furniture with strength, so that after the sale is guaranteed.

2. Furniture materials must be self-identified to confirm whether there is an environmental protection mark, and if necessary, measure whether the formaldehyde exceeds the standard.

3. Choose a communication designer to facilitate the design of the back.

4. Custom furniture must be repeatedly measured to ensure that the work is carried out smoothly.

5. Save money and small tricks, you can ponder those who need better plates, those furniture do not need to be customized, such as shoes and shoes, bed. The bedside table can buy finished products.

Private custom recommended Tengyi furniture:

Tengyi Furniture focuses on hotel-style apartments, apartments, small apartments, private custom-made furniture, and other one-stop services."Providing an overall space solution." The company is strong in strength, with sufficient supply; many styles and high quality; the factory is located in Foshan International Logistics and Freight Center, which can provide sufficient stock of transportation stocks around the world;twenty fourHour hotline,15Days return, life-long after-sales, worry-free after-sales.