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This is a color psychology that even designers must silently collect.

  • Author:Tengyi smart furniture
  • Release on:2019-11-04



Whenever you touch the interior design section, color is a topic worth discussing. For a certain color, people are not annoying or like, and rarely are in the middle of the blur.

On the surface it looks strange, solving the simplest design elements has caused such extreme reactions, but when you think carefully about the psychology behind, you can understand why there is such a strong reaction.


When people walk into the interior space, the first thing they notice is the color of the room. Regardless of whether the current response is an excellent evaluation, or if the color is too bizarre, the color really left a deep impression on people's minds.

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The brain of the human body is amazing, and it can capture thousands of tiny details every second, most of which we can't even realize. And these reactions to color give the brain a lot of information that drives us to follow up.

Color revealing personality

The color of the home often reveals the true character of the owner unconsciously. Looking around the room, did you find that a certain color appeared repeatedly?

Are these colors consistent with certain parts of the owner's personality? Although color is not the ultimate factor in determining people's personality, occasional reference is also essential.


Researchers at Westminster University found that the relationship between color preferences and personality traits was very close, and researchers found extremely similar personality traits in different cases that favored the same color.


1 Red: goal-oriented, determined and decisive;

2 Orange: energetic and pleasant;

3 yellow: extroverted but with good self-control and persuasiveness;

4 Green: loving and helpful;

5 Blue: rational analysis, caution;

6 Purple: Good at comforting people and emphasizing dignity;

7 White: Peaceful, good at organizing planning;

8 Black: conservative but also creative;

9 Brown: Pragmatic, high task completion.

2. Color affects mood

The purpose of interior decoration is to make the visual consistency and create the overall tone of the space. Most people want to have a good night's sleep, so the demand for the bedroom has a calm design. On the contrary, for restaurants or other entertainment spaces, I hope to have a lively and light feeling.


According to color psychology research, when you want to convert emotions, changing colors is the easiest way. Keep these suggestions in mind and use them the next time you design them.


1 To highlight the vitality of the space: the key is the application of warm colors - red, yellow, orange are good choices.

2 If you want space to give off a calm atmosphere: choose a cool color. For example, blue, green or light purple.

3 Regardless of the color you choose, color balance is important. Adding neutral colors such as black, white, brown, and gray to the space can play a role of reconciliation.


3. Color affects visual experience

Color collocation plays a crucial role when the indoor space is limited and the owner wants to achieve the desired living effect.

When the small space is arranged, the color of the furniture is painted close to the wall, which visually creates a fusion of two colors, making the space look more open.



On the contrary, if the space is large, but the worry is too cold, it is recommended to choose a bright and bold color. Vibrant colors attract the focus of the line of sight, designing them in the opposite direction of the wall, visually connecting the two sides.



4. Color makes the space more complete

We all know how to walk into an unfinished space: a large white wall, one or two pieces of furniture, and the old feel that there is no uniform element.

When you see a complete interior designworksIn the middle, each item perfectly plays the role of connecting the space together, and you can probably feel the breath-holding feeling.



5. The power of color interpretation

Choosing the colors that match each other and blending them into the overall design will create the perfect side of space.

Starting with accessories is also a good place to start. Let the owner pick their favorite pillows or wall hangings, draw inspiration from them, and then find out the main three colors, and put them into the wall, furniture, floor and Color considerations for other decorative objects.


6. The color space with white as the main tone

White is the best color reflectance on the spectrum, so it is ideal for use in poorly lit rooms. However, color balance is very important. If white is the main color, then the other parts should use vivid colors as much as possible to avoid the overall space making people feel boring.


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