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Tips for Tengyi Furniture: What issues should you pay attention to when purchasing a sofa? Many peop

The sofa can be said to be an indispensable piece of furniture in our lives. Office sofas and living room sofas all require a set of sofas for us to relax.

1,The selection mainly considers the safety of the sofa and whether the structure is firm and solid.

Tips, when choosing a sofa, you can lift the corner of the sofa, if all follow, it shows that the sofa structure is stable.

Open the seat, check the bottom, whether the work is delicate, whether the raw materials are no groove, no mites, no scars, and the material and material joints are not straight nails, butUStudded,It is no problem to bite each other with a blink or a mouth, and then glue it firmly. Generally speaking, the structure of the sofa with legs is relatively stable, which is also conducive to the flatness of the sofa.

2,Choosing a sofa requires consideration of the overall size of the sofa.

Generally, you go to the furniture mall to see the sofas are their showrooms to show their own goods, the mall showroom is generally broader, if you only rely on the naked eye to evaluate the size of the sofa, the error is relatively large. It is generally recommended to choose a sofa of the right size according to the size of the living room or office.

3,Choosing a sofa requires consideration of the quality and comfort of the sofa.

The sofa mainly needs to see whether the interior of the sofa is dense. You can press the handrail or the backrest by hand. If you can clearly feel the presence of the wooden frame, it proves that the sofa is not filled with enough density and the elasticity is not good enough.

4,Picking a sofa needs to look at the hardware

Generally, high-end sofas will use metal legs. It depends on whether the metal welding joints are smooth or not. The plating layer should be bright and solid.

5The choice of sofa also needs to consider whether the surface of the leather or woven fabric is leather, whether the weaving work is fine. Whether the sofa is dirty, easy to clean, etc.