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Tips for maintaining solid wood furniture

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2019-12-12

Experienced consumers know that the surface of wooden furniture is coated with a paint film. The maintenance of wooden furniture is precisely the maintenance and repair of paint films. No matter what kind of lacquered wood furniture, the maintenance and maintenance is nothing more than the following aspects:


The placement of furniture is very important. It should not be exposed to the sun or close to heat sources such as stoves, air conditioners, etc., it should not be close to the pool, and it should not be in an unventilated place. This will easily cause local dry cracking, deformation and paint film Local qualitative changes occur.

02,Air humidity

Keep the indoor air humidity relatively constant. Excessive moisture absorption can cause the furniture to expand and deform, and excessive drying can cause the furniture to crack. For humidity adjustment, you can use air-conditioning to dehumidify, open windows to change humidity, mop the floor and wipe furniture to humidify, or you can adjust the dryness and humidity by growing flowers and plants.

03,Avoid bumps

Do not allow hard metal products or other sharp objects to hit the wooden furniture, so that there are marks on the surface. Because once the paint film is damaged, it is almost impossible to repair and restore. Once scratches and dents appear, you can use cotton balls or paintbrushes to coat the furniture surface with a similar color of shoe polish.

04,Avoid thermal contact

Do not soak furniture surfaces with acid, alkali and salt solutions, and do not allow hot tea cups, cigarette butts, and irons to come into contact with furniture surfaces.

05,Wipe with a soft cloth

Always wipe off the dust on the furniture surface with a soft cotton cloth along the direction of the wood texture. Before removing dust, apply a cleaner on a soft cloth, taking care not to wipe it with a dry cloth to avoid rubbing. After a period of time, use a wet cotton thread that has wrung out of the water to clean the dust on the wooden furniture, wipe the wooden furniture all over again, and then dry it with a clean, dry soft cotton cloth. You can also apply a thin layer of high-quality light wax after drying, which not only maintains the wooden furniture, but also increases its gloss.

These are a few tips for daily maintenance of furnitureFor more tips on furniture maintenance, please pay attention to Tengye Furniture.

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