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Tips for maintenance of fabric sofas, learn these points, fabric sofas can be used for many years!

  • Author:Tengye Smart Furniture
  • Release on:2019-12-23

Fabric sofas can be combined with a variety of decoration styles, and have very good comfort. They are the sofa of choice for many friends, but fabric sofas are easy to soil, accumulate dust, and breed bacteria. Regular maintenance of fabric sofas becomes the key. And below"Future home improvement network" Let's take a look at the maintenance skills of fabric sofas.

First, the placement of the sofa

When placing the sofa, do not wall-to-wall the sofa, and try to maintain a certain gap, which can effectively avoid the damage of fabric sand caused by the wet wall. With a certain gap, it can also increase the fluidity of the space and avoid moldy decay of the sofa.

Avoid direct sunlight

Keep the sofa away from the sun, or use a translucent tulle curtain to separate the daylight. The sunlight will deform the fabric and material of the fabric sofa, shorten the life of the fabric sofa, and reduce the comfort of the fabric sofa.

Third, vacuuming

Dust in the air is easily adsorbed on the cloth sofa. It is recommended to clean the cloth sofa every half a month, especially the dust accumulation between fabric structures, so as to reduce the growth of bacteria.

Four, flip sofa cushion

The sofa cushion also needs to be turned frequently to make its stress and wear distribution more uniform. Long-term use will find that the cushion is sunken or the surface is severely worn. Regularly flipping the sofa cushion can increase the service life of the fabric sofa and maintain the beauty and comfort of the sofa.

Five, clean the stain

Accidentally stain the fabric sofa with a clean cloth dampened with water in a timely manner. Note that velvet fabrics must not be dampened with water. Use dry cleaning agents.

Six, dry cleaning

The cloth covers and bushings on all fabric sofas should be cleaned regularly. It is best to use dry cleaning. Do not bleach to increase the service life of fabric sofas.