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Tips on soft furnishings for new homes

  • Author:Tengye Smart Furniture
  • Release on:2020-01-03

Today, some popular tips on soft outfits for your reference. I hope that you will not run out of time to improve your efficiency in soft outfits!

Xiaobai entry question: What is the hard and soft?

A: The differences and definitions of soft and hard equipment are clearly seen together. In layman's terms, hard decoration is all the fixed and immovable decorations in your home, such as floors, walls, doors and windows. The soft decoration is just the opposite. In addition to the hard decoration, other decorative items that can be moved and easily replaced, such as curtains, sofas, carpets, bedding, ornaments, lamps, etc., are all soft decoration.

Soft loading tips


One of the largest areas in the soft outfit can give the most intuitive decorative effect. There are many styles and materials on the market, but it is not that difficult to choose. This uncle has said it many times. If you do n’t know, you can search in historical articles."Curtains" reference. Then, according to your own style and preferences, curtains in ordinary space are suitable for hanging five centimeters above the window frame. For rooms with higher floors, you can start directly from the top and hang directly to the ground.

2,cut off

Effective partitioning can increase the sense of space and layering. When done well, not only the appearance is high, but also the functions of storage and side tables, which make the whole home look more organized.


The decoration of the sofa does not lose the curtain, the color can echo the surrounding partitions, curtains, or furniture, or it can be relative. If it is visually monotonous, you can use a comfortable pillow to adjust, of course, just a few scattered, It's more messy and not convenient for daily life;


Don't leave plants at home! Don't leave plants! Don't leave plants! Hit black and white three times! If you are really lazyokWe would rather not. You know, even if you put a fake plant at home, the ash will fall, and any small decoration will change at home if you leave it alone.lowOK? It ’s not difficult to raise some really flowers and plants. It's not difficult! And the mood will be better and the home will be more vibrant;


It's all a matter of preference! Those who don't like big white walls, choose a wallpaper is good. It's safe, natural, and versatile. You can use any atmosphere you like, and you can change it if you are tired. If you don't like wallpaper, you can also make some photo walls, three-dimensional art pendants, wall paintings, wall stickers, etc .;


Small ornaments and small accessories can be placed as long as you like. The only thing to note is that this home is not too expensive to buy. There is no need to change the position of the small combination ornaments. If you are tired, you can change it at any time to keep the home fresh.

How does your home furnishing work? Have you stepped on the pit or made you satisfied enough to show off? Leave a message and exchange experiences!