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To make furniture, how much do you know about "woodiness"?

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-05-21

Generally speaking, the nature of wood is not the difference between the sex of men and women, and the difference between the sex of animals and plants, but the difference between the deformation and twisting power of wood, and the unique habits of wood.

When carpenters are working, after sawing a piece of wood and planing a piece of wood, they often take the next sentence:"This wood is great." It means that this piece of wood has a large deformation force and twisting force. After the finished product is made, it will produce more drastic changes in the cold, hot, dry and wet environment. Expansion, shrinkage, and sometimes the changes that happen are not like what they looked like, for example, a square square wooden square can be twisted into a twist and turned a few bends.

Carpenters encounter this kind of wood, so they have to be very careful when doing their work. They should try to make it strong, control it, cage it, and not make it change. If you encounter wood with less sex, that is, wood with a softer temperament, the work will be simpler and you do n’t have to worry so much. The finished product will also change, but the changes and distortions will not be particularly severe.

What wood is big and what wood is small

The old carpenter has many kinds of wood, and he has his own base. Such as oak, ash, colored wood(maple)It's all sex wood. Red pine, white pine, basswood, and catalpa are small woods. Among southern wood species, Phoebe chinensis and Cunninghamia lanceolata are small, while beech and longan wood are large. Rosewood, Honghua pear and Caohuali pear are more sexual, while red sandalwood and Huanghua pear are relatively smaller.

The old carpenter knows how to distinguish, and also knows how to make it, so he can get a good grasp of it. But sex and sex are relatively speaking, and exist in comparison. As long as it is wood, it will expand and contract with heat and shrink with moisture. A piece of classical furniture should be left3-5The millimeter expansion joint is to avoid the large cracks and swell deformation of the furniture, so that it can calmly cope with the changes of natural temperature and humidity during use.

Since wood has sex, it is very important to remove sex before making it. There are many ways to remove sex, but it can be roughly divided into three types:

One day"grilled". It is to put the logs, plates, and squares in the baking room to steam and roast. In the early years, the baking room mainly burned leaves, sawdust, branches, and firewood;Later, burning coal and oil, and making a little progress, using the method of electric heating to roast, is already similar to the electric oven. It's just that the wood is not the boxes, but the house. It takes a long time to bake wood. Unlike baking bread, it cooks in a few minutes or ten minutes.

In the early years, wood was roasted for three to five days, or even a week, and slowly roasted and smoked in the dark. The temperature should not be too high to see an open flame, otherwise the wood will burn and become charcoal. After baking, a lot of wood is removed, which is convenient for carpenters to use and operate.

Second day"blow". The essence of blowing is to let the wind blow, also known as the process of natural drying. It takes three to five months or even half a year or one year to stack the plates and squares layer by layer and stack them neatly. Each layer of boards and squares should be paved with small wooden strips as a space to facilitate Ventilated. Large gaps should be left between the stacks to allow for wind.

Plates and timbers are generally coded in shaded and ventilated places to avoid the sudden rise of the wood due to sun exposure. After the palletizing is done, the top should be weighed, such as stones, steel, logs, etc., the heavier the better. After natural wind, rain, sunlight, and snow burying, it is dry and wet, and wet and dry. The sex of the wood is getting smaller and smaller, so the older the wood is, the smaller the sex is, the easier it is to make and take care of.

Sanyue"bubble". It is to soak the logs, boards or squares in water. Soak him for a week, two weeks, or even a month, pick it up and stack it according to the method of natural drying, and then use it after completely natural drying. Or after soaking, it is sent to the roasting room for smoking. There is another old way to speed up the removal rate. It is to dig pits to add water, add lime or alkali, and use lime water and alkali water to soak the wood. , Soak them for two or three days, or dry them, or send them to the baking room.

In short, the way to get rid of the wood is actually tossing back and forth, soaking it, roasting it, soaking it dry, and soaking it. The more the tossing, the less the sex of the wood. Quite a bit"Hundreds of steel into steel" taste. It is also like the quenching of steel, burning red, suddenly inserted into the cold water. The hardened steel is harder and the removed wood is more compliant. Wood has to be more tossing, and the country must develop less and not to develop the economy and stabilize the society.