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Unlock light luxury new fashion, this model room is as beautiful as art painting!

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2020-01-06

Life is not only trivial and busy, but also beautiful and longing.

Light luxury is an attitude to life, not only the pursuit of a good quality of life, but also a sense of art.

Home is the beginning and end of life.

The life concept of "understanding life and emphasizing texture" is drawn into the home space to unlock the new fashion of light luxury.

Guest restaurant

The simple and concise wall decoration lines and golden lights make the dining room look dignified.

The leather sofa, the brown coffee table, and the abstract hanging paintings are not too exaggerated and unnecessary decoration, which ensure the comfort of daily living and also highlight the taste of the occupants.

Sit with your family or socialize with guests, all casual and elegant.

master bedroom

Comfort is the key word of the master bedroom.

Only the necessary furniture, gold tones are still wandering, unifying the romantic temperament of the space.

Simple and bright background wall, with simple and textured furniture, makes the mood no longer tense.

If you want to quietly empty or run to the soft bed, you can do as you wish.

Second bedroom

Continuing the elegance of the master bedroom, the furnishings are more streamlined, with carefully selected paintings and decorations, making the space more personal and avant-garde.

The warm yellow light adds some softness and vividness to the space, making each time you fall asleep, peaceful and beautiful.


The kitchen focuses on functionality, keeping only simple equipment, and the whole looks neat and organized.

The closed design can isolate the oil fume, whether it is Chinese or Western food, you can enjoy the cooking fun freely.


The toilet is separated from wet and dry, bright and transparent.

Plenty of storage space provides a place to store sundries, making it more convenient to use.

Pursue the texture of life,

Polish your home to your liking.