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Use furniture skillfully to easily match your exclusive simple style home! Simple but can also highl

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2020-08-03

The refined style of the furniture makes the modeling simpler and constrains the quality to the best scale. Then it brings us a more comfortable experience.

Today, let's learn together how to allocate rooms in a refined style.

1. The choice of furniture is dominated by functionality

Jingfeng also seeks"Less is more", therefore, the furniture should choose functionality-oriented, simple and generous styles. And a kind of functional requirement, it is better to be fulfilled by a kind of furniture.

2. The furniture style in the same space should be together

It stands to reason that the furniture in the whole space of the whole house should have the same style.

However, considering the peculiarities of some planning, only the same space furniture is used as a reference, and it is necessary to adhere to the tone together to reflect the overall feeling and make the refined style more full and beautiful.

3. The furniture lines are clean and neat

In order to better distribute the refined style of the home, the selected furniture should not be complicated or highly decorative.

Healthy, clean appearance, strong sense of lines. It is the furniture that we admire about home furnishings.

4. Pay attention to the proportion of bright colors in the space

Color, you can maintain the overall tone of precision together. But too much together can not help but a little monotonous, this time will participate in some bright and beautiful colors in the space as decoration. Pay attention to the proportion of this bright color in the space, and can't make it too stealthy.

Concise style, simple but can also highlight the characteristics, clever use of fine furniture, assign your exclusive fine style home!