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Want to be the most unique home in the community? Arrange it in modern oriental style!

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-07-18

When the new house is in hand, the first headache is decoration.

If you want to decorate your home in a modern oriental style, it may be a double headache, because once you are not sure about your home, it will easily become full of flavor.

The modern oriental style home is not simply a pile of oriental elements, but the rich traditional elements into the modern decoration style, elegant and modern.

Compared with other styles, the modern oriental style has the following characteristics:

① It is simple to delete the complex. Remove unnecessary decoration, combine oriental elements with modern design, pay attention to the practicality of the home, and also pursue the texture of oriental style.

② Symmetry and layering. The overall layout of the home is well-balanced, focusing on the layering of the space and reflecting the spirit of traditional oriental aesthetics.

③ Solid wood material. The wall, floor and furniture are mostly made of wood, which adds natural interest to the space.

Modern Oriental Style Home Sharing

Step intoliving room, The eye-catching room is elegant.

Large white areas on walls and floors+ Log color, depicting the tone of the atmosphere of the entire space. At the same time, it also pays attention to practicality. The TV background wall is a display cabinet in the living room and a powerful storage space.

In terms of soft decoration, the light beige fabric sofa and white curtains are coordinated with the main color of the space. The black coffee table and carpet add some dignified and deep impressions to the space. The overall density is suitable and interesting.

The simple and fresh decoration of green plants is like the last few casual embellishments of the landscape painting, which is fresh and elegant.

There are desks and chairs in front of the window to merge the functions of the study into the living room and enrich the functions of the living room. The window is bright and clear. Sitting at the window to read and relax at leisure is also a pleasure.

Move torestaurantThe space tone is unified with the living room, and the traditional round dining table supports the happy dining time of the family. A neat and exquisite bar, a few bottles of fine wine, adds a sense of fashion to the restaurant, and tends to be younger.

master bedroomThe use of Dai blue wall, with wood color floor, a sense of freshness. Without too much decoration, simple paintings, ornaments, and lighting create a bedroom space suitable for quiet rest.

Elder roomFurniture configuration is also focused on simplicity and practicality. The overall use of light brown walls and wood color floor, compared with the master bedroom, the atmosphere of the elder room is warmer and soothing, can better sleep and rest.

kitchenforU-shaped design, the flow is reasonable and smooth, the tone is calm and natural, giving a neat and orderly feeling. At the same time, a storage cabinet was set up on the wall to avoid the accumulation of debris in the kitchen.

In a busy city, a simple and textured residence can make people feel calm and relaxed.

The unique modern Oriental home furnishing is not only a home furnishing style, but also a pursuit of a simple and calm living state.

Do you like this home style?