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Want to create a domineering hall? These layouts must be known!

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2020-08-15

In recent years, with the changes in people's living concepts, the horizontal hall has gradually become a house design that has attracted much attention.

Bright floor-to-ceiling windows, open vision experience, the horizontal hall often comes withThe "luxury" temperament has attracted the attention of many young people with its individuality and fashion sense.

What is the horizontal hall?

Horizontal hall——The spatial pattern of "open room> deep". Generally, the living room is connected to the dining room, and there is no obvious dividing line in between.

What are the advantages of the horizontal hall?

l Good lighting.The width of the horizontal hall is greater than the length, the light is more abundant and bright, and it has a more sense of space.

l The space utilization rate is high.Compared with the vertical hall layout, the guest dining room in the horizontal hall is connected, saving aisle or corridor space.

l More design possibilities.The horizontal hall layout is relatively open and wide, which provides more possibilities for space design.

However, the horizontal hall also has shortcomings such as unobvious spatial boundaries, mutual influence of noise, and inconsistent with Chinese living habits. Therefore, the design of the horizontal hall is more a test of the planning of the space, and the reasonable use of the space should be paid attention to when designing.

What are the common layouts of the horizontal hall?

1/ Living room + dining room

The integration of guest and dining room is a common layout in horizontal hall decoration.

The TV is on the wall and the dining area is set adjacent to the living room area to enhance the convenience and interaction of the space. In the small horizontal hall, you can also choose a sofa, dining table and chair of appropriate size to try.

2/ Living room + kitchen + dining room

This layout can make full use of the space, connect the daily living with the dining and kitchen movement lines, ensure the lighting of the dining room and kitchen, and also strengthen the communication between family members. However, the kitchen generally adopts an open design, so you need to pay attention to problems such as oily smoke and storage.

3/ Living room + office area, study room

The restaurant area is replaced by an office area, with bookcases, office desks, chairs, lounge chairs and other furniture, it is comfortable to work, read, or take a rest.

How to set partitions in the layout of the horizontal hall?

1/ Sofa partition

The sofa is placed in the middle of the horizontal hall, and the back height or shape of the sofa is used as a partition between the two areas, which can effectively distinguish the space and is simple to arrange.

2/ Add a partition behind the sofa

Adding storage cabinets, bar counters, half walls and other designs behind the sofa can play a good partition role and enhance the storage capacity of the space.

At the same time, it also solves the shape limitation of the sofa as a partition, and has more choices.

3/ TV cabinet as partition

Many people feel that if the sofa is not against the wall, there is no sense of security, so you can choose to set the TV cabinet and TV wall in the middle of the horizontal hall, so that the division between areas is clearer.

Whether it is a horizontal hall or a vertical hall,

Design a reasonable space layout,

In order to make daily life more warm and comfortable.

Which layout do you like?