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What are the characteristics of Scandinavian style furniture?

  • Author:Tengye Smart Furniture
  • Release on:2019-12-04

The Scandinavian style is a simple, small, fresh, and exquisite style; what are the characteristics of Scandinavian style furniture? Let me introduce you to the relevant knowledge of Scandinavian style furniture.

The characteristics of simplicity, nature and humanity make the Nordic style homestay fashionable. After experiencing a short period of indifference, in recent years, Nordic style home decoration has gradually become popular.

One,Features of Scandinavian style furniture

1The combination of straight lines and soft curves creates a simple furniture appearance. The materials are mostly birch, pine and maple. The sofa is light, with wooden frames or exposed, or wrapped under solid thick cotton cloth.

2Nordic furniture is famous for its simplicity, has strong postmodernist characteristics, and pays attention to smooth line design. It represents a fashion, returning to nature, advocating the charm of wood, plus modern, practical and exquisite artistic design style, which reflects modern Some orientation and melody of urban people entering the new era.

32. Nordic furniture is generally low and makes people feel more comfortable! The accessories are mostly elements, the lighting is mostly modern, and the fabrics are mostly dark and dark gray. The materials are carefully selected, the craftsmanship is perfect, return to nature, admire the charm of wood, and modern and practical. The exquisite design style reflects another way of thinking of modern urban people entering postmodern society.

4In Nordic furniture, the concept of style is life is everywhere. Practical function, rigorous structure, simple temperament, thoughtful and elegant, it has a charm that naturally fits into each family. In the design, you can't find the vulgar shadows without using carvings and patterns.

5Nordic furniture is generally considered the most humane modern furniture. They care about what kind of chair people don't feel tired. The Nordic people combine the sense of art and practicality, called practical art. The content of form, function, material, color, durability, and cost are harmonious and balanced.

6With the seemingly casual combination of Nordic-style furniture design, everything is as glorious as it is natural. It is a combination of art and utility to form a more comfortable and humane design style. The first impression of Northern Europe may be relatively indifferent, but the deeper you understand, the more you will find its cuteness. For example, although the lamps and lanterns in the room mostly use black and white tones, they are simple but stylish, adding a sense of design to the space inadvertently.

Material of Nordic style furniture

12. The materials used to make furniture are generally solid wood. But now the raw materials are extremely scarce. Many solid wood materials are relatively expensive, and most people will choose some other materials instead of solid wood. Some Nordic style homes with a certain decorative effect will choose synthetic boards. Although this kind of board is not as heavy as solid wood. But the furniture made is quite durable.

2And some plastic furniture. These plastics are relatively strong. When making furniture, they are non-toxic and harmless materials that have been strictly treated. In this way, it will be more peaceful when used.

3And some use tempered glass. This kind of furniture is a more fashionable style. But this tempered glass is only suitable for frame. Not suitable for bottom of furniture. So pay attention when choosing.

Third, the style of Nordic style furniture

1Every piece of furniture is minimalist. For example, the chair is designed with the simplest design style, simple backrest and seat cushion. There is no sponge filling on the chair, which is directly wood material. Just like a solid wood chair. But the chairs in Nordic style homes are painted. Decorate the chair in different colors. This spray paint effect is also relatively good.

2,The dining table is generally rectangular, and the Nordic style will design the dining table into different shapes, which can be spliced ​​by yourself. In this way, it can be adjusted according to demand during use.

3.The Scandinavian minimalist fabric sofa solid wood fabric sofa has got rid of the traditional design mode. According to the current people's needs, it condenses a new home vitality, and designs a sofa set that can be removed and washed at will, which greatly improves the cleaning strength. Among them, the filling of high-density sponges With the use of high-quality cotton and linen materials, it can also rebound comfortably while ensuring soft permeability. It will not be stuffy even if you sit for a long time in summer. With high-quality ash solid wood frame, it is durable and does not shake.

The Nordic-style home improvement house is fresh, bright, and simple, full of fairy-tale romantic colors. The decoration reflects the Nordic lifestyle and Nordic elements. The above is the Nordic-style decoration knowledge for you. Interested owners friends can find out