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What are the characteristics of the Nordic home

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2020-04-15

Nordic furnitureMainly light colors, the shape is very simple, the furnishings at home give a fresh and elegant feeling. The Nordic style furniture is made of natural logs, so there is no need to worry about environmental protection at all. The cost of this type of furniture is generally more expensive, because the production process and material costs are relatively high. Scandinavian style furniture makes the space simple and noble.


1. What are the characteristics of Nordic furniture

1, Nordic furniture materials

The material characteristics of Scandinavian style furniture are more prominent. Scandinavian style furniture usually uses birch, maple, oak, pine and other raw materials as the main materials. It does not add any processed wood. As far as possible, it does not destroy the texture of the logs, and design simple style furniture. This design injects the innate character texture, warm color and delicate texture of the logs into the furniture, using straight lines to outline, showing the unique elegance, paving and pure original charm and beauty of the Nordic style.

2, Nordic furniture modeling

The Nordic style furniture is mainly low-profile, and uses various practical functions in styling. It is designed and considered from the physiology of the human body, emphasizing that the curve of the contact between the furniture and the human body accurately matches, reaching people and furniture. The balance of the mutual relationship makes it more comfortable to use and full of human touch. This serious structure does not have any redundant design and decoration, reflecting the simplicity and practicality of Nordic style furniture.

3, Nordic furniture style

The Scandinavian style furniture also has a certain style positioning. The simple shape of the furniture incorporates the modern and popular modern minimalist design, so that the unpretentious furniture can feel the outstanding style in the design, showing the fashionable and natural temperament The original log design shows the exquisiteness and art of the furniture, and the feeling is closely connected with the times. Scandinavian style furniture makes people feel the perfect combination of modern and classic.

4. Nordic furniture space treatment

In terms of handling space, the Scandinavian style generally emphasizes that the indoor space is spacious, transparent inside and outside, and maximizes the introduction of natural light. Pursue a sense of fluency in the graphic design of the space; walls, floors, ceilings, furniture and even lamps and lanterns, etc., are characterized by simple shapes, pure textures, and fine craftsmanship.


2. Notes on Nordic style decoration

1, Color selection and matching, clear and clean, the choice of home color, lighter colors such as white, beige, light wood color. It is usually dominated by white with bright solid colors as decoration;Or the main color is black and white, without adding any other colors. The space gives a clean and clear feeling without clutter. In addition, white, black, brown, gray and light blue are commonly used in the design style of Nordic style decoration.

2, Original wood feeling, wood is the soul of Nordic style decoration. In order to facilitate indoor thermal insulation, Nordic people use a large amount of wood with good thermal insulation in interior decoration. These woods basically use finely processed logs, retaining the original color and texture of the wood. The Nordic architecture is dominated by vertices and sloped roofs, and the interior can be seen as original wooden beams, purlins, rafters and other building components. This style was applied to flat-roofed buildings and evolved into purely decorative wooden “false beams”.

3.interior designflowSmooth and concise, the Nordic style generally emphasizes spacious indoor space and transparent inside and outside in terms of handling space. Natural light introduces natural light to a large extent. Pursue the fluency of graphic design in space;Walls, floors, ceilings, furnishings and even lamps and tableware are simple shapes, pure textures and fine craftsmanship.