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What are the key points and key points of the sales design of the sales office?

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-11-05

In the soft-pack design of the sales office, it is not only a reasonable control of the relationship between space, form, color, virtual and real relationship, and functional combination, but also the overall grasp of the grasp of artistic conception and the coordination of the surrounding environment.

A successful sales office design works can always show people a high degree of harmony, and achieve a high degree of unity from the artistic aspect and design concept.

In the eyes of the designer, the soft design is life-giving, given certain meanings, and functions as a cultural communication. It does not appear pale and powerless. It truly integrates functions and meanings, making the sales office soft. Designed to be the best megaphone for expressiveness.

In addition, the successful sales office soft design not only can improve the overall quality of the sales office, but also bring a better experience to the customer, giving people a sense of trust and comfort, but also more able to fully grasp The heart of the buyers, the promotion in the sales process can be described as important.

图片10 可做封面.png

So, what are the key points and key points of the sales design of the sales office?

Design style positioning

First of all, according to the needs of customers, choose the right design style. It reflects dignified elegance and can be positioned in Chinese style; it is magnificent and can be positioned as European style and so on. The design style of the sales office should be consistent with the type and grade of the real estate. The color and shape should be coordinated with the real estate as much as possible.


Soft installation early planning

There are a lot of people who have such a misconception that it is not too late to consider the soft decoration after the basic decoration of the hard work is completed in the early stage. The soft-pack design must be planned at the beginning of the hard-packing. The hard-packed and soft-packed ones complement each other and should not be distinguished.

For the different styles of materials in the sales office, the matching of materials, the installation of various soft-packed venues, the matching of colors, the division of space and the creation of atmosphere, etc., and reasonable design planning. If some details are not handled well during the period, it will have the opposite effect.


Jewelry matching effect

Holy· Augustine said: "The beauty is the appropriate proportion of each department, plus a pleasing target color." Art is not a decoration or foil in the soft decoration of the sales department, but an important part of space cells.

From the epidermis, the core to the every step of the tour, from static to dynamic, the artwork has been integrated into the space, regardless of each other.

The combination of soft decorations is equally important. For example, Chinese style should use some Chinese landscape paintings or screens, and European styles should be used to bring out noble metal ornaments.

In the process of selecting decorations, it is necessary to consider the overall soft design style. The excellent decoration combination can not only play a role in icing on the cake, but also enhance the overall spatial experience.


Excessive and echo

In the soft decoration of the living room, the visual center is extremely important. The scope of attention of the person must have a central point, so that the level of beauty of the primary and secondary levels can be created. This visual center is the focus of the arrangement.

Hard and soft design is not difficult to achieve in harmony with each other in color and style. The difficulty lies in how to make the two connect, which requires the use of"Transition". Responsiveness is a common technique used in various arts, and it belongs to a balanced form of beauty.

Transition and echo can increase the rich aesthetics of the soft-pack design space, but it should not be too much or too complicated, otherwise it will create a messy and cumbersome feeling.


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