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What are the styles of modern furniture?

modern furnitureMainly divided into panel furniture and solid wood furniture. Panel furniture is simple, bright, trendy, flexible, and easy to choose. Panel furniture is the mainstream of the market. Solid wood furniture refers to all natural materials that have not been reworked, and do not use any wood-based panels.

The style of modern furniture is divided into5Big item. They are modern minimalist furniture, post-modern furniture, modern avant-garde furniture, elegant modern furniture, and Mediterranean contemporary furniture. The details are described below.

the first,Modern minimalist style furniture

The modern minimalist style is decorated in a simple style. The minimalist style is also the most popular on the market today, mainly designed with simple, bright solid wood or panel materials.

second,Postmodern style furniture

Post-modern style furniture,Main passUnconventional mixing, superposition, misalignment, fission, symbolism, metaphor, etc., breaking through the tediousness of traditional furnituremodern furnitureThe single limitation is a combination of modern and classical, abstract and meticulous, simple and cumbersome.Postmodern furniture is the leader in fashion home, urban fashionThe darling, the eternal trend!

third,Modern avant-garde style furniture

Modern avant-garde styles use new materials and new techniques as much as possible in design, advocating individual structural features and interior space layout. The modern avant-garde style boldly uses color to explore the contrast of contrasting effects, black and white contrast or color collision. With the continuous improvement of the level of social science and technology production, relying on new materials and new technologies, more emphasis is placed on color.

fourth,Elegant modern furniture

The elegant style of elegance is a decorative style with a strong cultural taste. It breaks the modernist form and decoration technique, pays attention to the matching of lines and color, and opposes simplification.;Emphasis on pattern, focus on context, pursue human touch, draw on other art or natural science concepts in the composition theory of design, and re-combine traditional components in new contexts, pursuing taste and harmonious color matching, against Strong color contrast and heavy metal taste, similar in style to postmodernism or neoclassical. The spatial layout of the elegant style is close to the modern style, but close to the neoclassical in the specific interface form and wiring method.;The overall color of the space should focus on harmony. Elegantism pays attention to taste, emphasizes comfort, and integrates the characteristics of the past.

The elegant style is suitable for the crowds, the elegant style, the elegant, the elegant behavior, the pursuit of personal inner, high taste of the crowd. They are gentle, like the mood, and the fashion concept is mature.

fifth,Mediterranean contemporary furniture

The Mediterranean style is younger, and young people are more eager to pursue.Mediterranean style modern furniture style features a combination of attention to space, choose natural softness in color, make full use of every inch of space, set decoration and application.

The above is the classification of modern furniture style.explain, more information can be concernedTengyi furniture.