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What color curtains do black furniture have?

  • Author:Tengye Smart Furniture
  • Release on:2019-12-18

Curtains have always played an important role in the decoration of soft furnishings. If they are well matched, the sense of space in the room is immediately improved. Of course, if they are not well matched, even if the gorgeous furniture accessories are stacked, the overall look is still chaotic. What color curtains are good for black furniture?Let ’s take a look with the editor, I hope to provide some help to your decoration and help you have a beautiful living room environment.

What color curtains for black furniture: black

I believe that many people are shocked when they see this matching method. In fact, there are very few black curtains in daily life, so the black curtains mentioned here are not general materials. If your furniture products are black velvet texture type , Then the choice of black curtains can choose softer textures, curtains with a good drape, which can better reflect the superiority and comfort of the entire home space.

What color curtains for black furniture: brown

This kind of color is widely used in life, and there are not many taboos in cooperation. Therefore, if the home appliances are black, consider the brown curtains. Its quietness not only reflects the elegance of the home atmosphere, but also highlights The concept of modern fashion home life, especially the black sofa, whether it is leather or fabric, can show extraordinary charm against the backdrop of brown curtains.

What color curtains for black furniture: red

For a long time, the combination of red and black is a timeless matching method, especially in today's modern living room atmosphere. Trendy and stylish black appliances are decorated with exaggerated and warm red as their embellishment. This combination is absolutely The most worthy taste in modern fashion life.

Color matching techniques for curtains and furniture

1,For users who are not sensitive to color and collocation, how to carry out the layout of the room is a more worrying problem. Generally speaking, the color of the curtains can be very close to the floor and the wall. For example, if the floor is chestnut, if the floor is chestnut Red, then curtains can choose a similar color, such as pink, pink, but don't choose chestnut red, otherwise the space in the home will look very small.

2It is also a good way to arrange according to the color of the appliances in the home, especially when the color of the floor and the appliance are relatively weak. Of course, if the color of the furniture and the floor cannot be used as a reference, then the color can be selected according to the color of the light. Department, for example, warm-colored lamps, can be used with beige or fruit-green cold-colored systems, if it is milky neutral light, you can choose warm colors such as beige, light coffee or light red.

2,When matching colors, you should also avoid those color combinations that give people a bad feeling, such as red with green, blue with orange, red with blue, etc. Therefore, you need to consider when choosing colors. One color will have At various levels, the effects are naturally different. Of course, factors such as light, floor, and furniture must also be considered.