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What do you know about those designer chairs and designer chairs?

What do you know about those designer chairs and designer chairs?

chairIt is a must for our life. We need a dining chair for dinner, an office chair for work, a bus chair for a bus, etc. We can't survive without the chair, but which chairs are designed by famous teachers?

The first one: Eames lounge chair, it is a leisure chair in the United States, the designer is the Eames couple. He has a stylish high-end atmosphere and elegance. The whole chair is ergonomically designed. It is not tired, watching TV, reading books, leisure, sleeping, it is the first choice.

The second one: the chaise chair, which is the woman's exclusive furniture, it has a beautiful and exquisite curve, the sofa back is curved, the backrest and the armrest are integrated, you can sit with the cushion, you can also put your feet on the reclining, the sofa and the woman's The body lines are seamless with Detian, so it is also called "beauty."

The third one: the egg chair, designed by Jacobson in 1958. It is made of FRP inner embryo and the outer layer is wool velvet Italian leather.

The fourth one: the butterfly chair, this chair is designed by three Argentine architects. The chair is a folding chair, and the steel pipe is folded to form a shelf. The soft surface of the leather and the textile is “sleeve-hanging” on the top, the high-end two-pointed frame is the backrest part, and the low-end two-pointed part is the armrest part, and the form is like a butterfly. It is only known as the "butterfly chair". This chair is one of the most popular folding wild chairs in the world.