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What is soft and what is hard? How can we maintain coordination between the two?

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-05-28

What is soft and what is hard?

Hard-packing refers to the items that must be completed during the renovation phase, and once completed, it is difficult to change.

Soft clothing basically refers to those things that can be removed when moving.

What are the main components of hard and soft?

Let’s take a look at the hardcover:

Wall: Wall paint, wallpaper, tiles, veneers and woodwork on the wall, as well as partition walls.

Floor: floor, floor tiles and corresponding cement layer, waterproof layer.

Top surface: overall or partial ceiling, decorative surface, hidden light.

Water and electric heating: water supply, drainage, circuit, gas, central heating pipe arrangement, socket switch, radiator or floor heating, toilet ware.

Custom furniture: custom cabinets, cabinets, wall cabinets, custom tables and flower stands that cannot be moved. (The large furniture in the bathroom and kitchen is generally counted as hard, such as: toilets, bathroom cabinets, cabinets, etc.)

Let’s take a look at the soft outfit:

Removable furniture, electrical appliances: sofas, finished wardrobes, beds, tables and chairs, etc.

Decoration: paintings, ornaments, sculptures, plants, etc.

Cloth: curtains, carpets, bedding, etc.

Lamps: Most lamps are classified as soft. However, hidden light strips that cannot be moved are generally counted in hard clothing.

Wall decoration: latex paint, wallpaper, etc.

The importance of hardwear?

Hardcover takes on important functions?

Hard clothing will affect the layout of the soft clothes. For example, it is better to have a chandelier to illuminate the food directly above the dining table and dining table.

Where the wire position of the chandelier is, it determines which place the table can only be placed. If there is a socket on the side of the sofa, the phone can be conveniently charged. When renovating, plan your location in advance. compared toIn terms of "good-looking", hard clothing must be practical.

The importance of soft clothing?

Soft dress is the value of the house?

After the furniture was removed, most of the homes looked like they were: big white walls, wooden floors, nothing special. So don't worry about looking monotonous and cool when you decorate.

Soft clothes are equivalent to the clothes and makeup of the home. Different soft clothes will bring different feelings to the whole family, but like people dressing, they should consider their own characteristics to avoid weaknesses.

Tips for Tengyi Furniture: Hard seat and soft clothes need to be matched.

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