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What is the reason for pushing the Eames lounge chair to the top position of the world furniture?

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-06-05

The Eames lounge chair was designed by the American outstanding designer Eames. The Eames are very good designers in the United States. They are also20The perfect pair of companions in the American design world of the century.1956The birth of the Emus leisure lounge chair brought a new wave, elegant simplicity, modern fashion, and a combination of strong functionality. Liked by people, Eames lounge chairs have become the Museum of Modern Art.MOMAThe permanent collection makes it stand at the peak of the world.

What is the reason for pushing the Eames lounge chair to the top position of the world furniture?

the first,Because it was designed by the famous designer Eames, they designed a large number of works, most of which were collected by museums. Their designs cover the fields of architecture, furniture, pictures and images. Their works haveHundreds of pieces inMOMAMuseum permanent collection. In their design field, the curved plate field is also prominent, such as the wooden boots for the Navy for the Second World War, the Eames lounge chairs, the Eames rocking chair, and so on.

second,Material and structure, Eames lounge chair is very comfortable, with leather seats and backrest, built-in high-density sponge, curved plate is made of seven layers of curved wood.Black paint five-star silver polished aluminum feet, chair can360Degree of rotation. A great sense of sitting has made it famous.

third,More users, almost every household in the United States has his figure, Eames lounge chair (Eames Lounge Chair)in2003In the year, it was included in the world's best product forest. In the movie, you can often see it, like the famous movie Iron Man, Chun Jiao and Zhi Ming, If You Are the One (movie) and so on. And still a famous director (actor):Billy Wilder,Herman Miller,VitraEssential furniture in the home.It can be the popularity of celebrities and push it to the pinnacle of the world.

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