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What kind of mattress is suitable for people of different ages? Let’s look at the health of your fam

Hello everyone, welcome toTengyi furnitureToday, I would like to share with you the knowledge about choosing a mattress.


A person spends one-third of his life in bed, so the mattress is very important, but it is not a good mattress, but it is suitable, soft and moderate, suitable for every age. . Next, let's take a look at which mattresses are suitable for people of different ages.



Infants' babies have not yet developed their bodies, and their skeletal bodies are weak. It is necessary to support a body with a soft mattress. This is very important for the growth of children. This is a comparison of many parents raising children in the new era. It's worth noting, but because each brand is different, Tengyi Furniture is not recommended here, so just look for a baby mattress.

2. Youth


Adolescents who are in the developmental stage need to pay attention to the cervical vertebrae. If the cervical vertebrae are not protected during this period, then hunchback, scoliosis and deformation are prone to occur.

The hard mattress protects the child's spine during sleep. Children of this age do not sleep too softly on the bed. They don't develop well on the body, so we recommend palm mattresses and hard spring mattresses, even some people. It is justifiable to give children a wooden bed to sleep at home.

3. Adults


Adults who are already mature, generally have a good bone condition, and can choose a soft or hard mattress according to their own preferences. However, if it is a office worker who needs to work for a long time, long-term desk work is likely to cause cervical vertebrae problems, so a softer mattress is needed to make the body have reasonable support and to relieve the pressure on the human body.

Middle-aged and elderly


When people reach middle-aged and old people, the body tends to be degraded. Lumbar muscle strain and osteoporosis are common. During this period, the bones of the human body are less able to withstand the pressure. Therefore, on the basis of moderate hardness, choose a slightly harder one. The mattress has a good support for the bones of each part. Therefore, Tengyi Furniture reminds everyone here that sometimes the old man sleeping on a bed that is too soft is not good.


Summary: With the improvement of living standards, we have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life. A suitable comfortable mattress is definitely worth our attention. Tengyi has a natural latex mattress and everyone can look at it.