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What kind of sofa is good? Immediately after watching it, don't be tangled.

  • Author:Tengye Smart Furniture
  • Release on:2020-01-15

The sofa is an indispensable piece of furniture at home,

A suitable sofa might become

The finishing touch in decoration design,

How to choose the sofa?

Good leather, good fabric or solid wood?

Let me talk to you today

1,Leather sofa

The leather sofa has been honed by time and enduring. It has always been loved by people for its magnificent, luxurious and durable characteristics. In our impression, the traditional leather sofa is relatively monotonous, mainly brown and brown, with a large and luxurious style, occupying a large area, giving it a serious and lively feeling. Nowadays, various elements mix and match to become a trendy child in various fields. In addition to maintaining its luxurious temperament, the leather sofa combines various rich elements. The sofa's colors become bright and rich, the shapes are light and simple, and they are very modern and stylish.

However, leather sofas are expensive and cannot be afforded by the average family, and they need regular maintenance and cleaning. If it is not maintained properly, it will fade, become old, lose its luster, make the leather lack ductility and deform the sofa.

Here we remind you not to buy cheap leather sofas for cheap.

2,Fabric sofa

Silk, satin, hemp, corduroy and other abrasion-resistant fabrics can be used as sofa fabrics. They have different characteristics. The sofas of silk and satin fabric are elegant and luxurious, giving people a magnificent feel. The sofa was heavy and heavy, blowing a natural and simple wind. From the perspective of flowers, you can choose strips, geometric patterns, large flower patterns and monochrome fabrics to make sofas. Striped patterned fabric looks neat and refreshing. Using it to make a sofa is very suitable in a simple and bright living room. The geometric and abstract pattern sofa gives a modern and avant-garde feel, suitable for modern families; The big flower pattern sofa is jumping and bright, which can bring life and vitality to the dull and old-fashioned family. Monochrome fabrics are very popular, and the large single color gives a calm and fresh living atmosphere.

But velvet sofas are more difficult to take care of, and have higher requirements for matching. People who don't love retro styles so much, don't try them easily.

3.Wooden sofa

In the process of manufacturing wooden sofas, compared with those made of wood-based panels, the amount of glue used is relatively small. The amount of glue used affects the environmental protection of the furniture. The life of wooden furniture is that of panel furniture5Times more. The wooden sofa has its own unique style and personality. The raw materials of the wooden sofa come from nature and combine the essence of nature. It truly shows the unique taste of wooden furniture: high-grade, thick, combining the long-standing traditional Chinese culture with modern fashion elements and integrating into the furniture In the design, it gives new meaning to the furniture, makes the furniture design more humane, practical and modern, creates a new fashion of wooden furniture, and leads the new trend of furniture.

However, the wooden sofa cannot allow direct sunlight, the indoor temperature cannot be too high or too low, and the finished product cannot generally be disassembled, which is inconvenient to carry.

4,Rattan sofa

Rattan sofas are relatively rare, and they are usually placed in the living room, tea room, study, cool room, etc. The rattan sofa has similar advantages to the wooden sofa, but the difference is that the rattan sofa has higher flexibility, flexibility, good breathability and long life.

Inevitably, the rattan sofa has holes on the surface, which is easy to accumulate dust and is more troublesome to clean. And the rattan sofa style is more fixed, which is difficult for the entire space to match.

In general, leather sofas and fabric sofas meet the aesthetics of more people, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. But to say the specific practice, it still depends on the overall mix and personal preferences. No matter how entangled the selection process is, choosing the right sofa will make you happy for a long time.