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What kind of sofa is not tired for a long time, you often do not know this!

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2020-01-02

Many consumers often pay more attention to the style and color of the sofa when they purchase a sofa for the living room, and ignore the practicality of the sofa. In addition to style, sofa comfort is also important. If you sit on a sofa that is not scientifically designed for a long time, it can cause back pain and back pain, and it can cause a variety of diseases such as lumbar muscle strain.

The sofa is too soft and easy for back pain

The sofa is too soft, the support of the person's center of gravity is unstable, and he will move the body intentionally or unintentionally to find a new balance. Therefore, sitting on the sofa for a long time will make people feel back pain. At the same time, sitting on a soft sofa, it is difficult for the spine to maintain a normal physiological curvature. Over time, it will cause abnormal back muscle tension and induce back pain. Under normal circumstances, people sit down after the sofa cushion is sunken1It is suitable to be around cm. Middle-aged and older people's bodies and bones are older than younger ones, so they should choose a harder sofa.

The seat should fit the body surface

The seating surface and back of the sofa should be curved to fit the physiological structure of the human body. Otherwise, it is not only uncomfortable, but also easy to form a bad sitting posture. When selecting a sofa, you can make an approximate calculation through a test sitting:

First, check sitting height. The height of the sofa seating surface should be equivalent to the height of the human calf. If the seat surface is too high, it is easy to make both feet hang, and the weight of the human torso is pressed on the legs, and the muscles of the legs and back will feel sore over time. I feel sore.

Second, check the sitting depth. When sitting on the sofa, it is advisable that the knee joint is still outside the seat cushion.

Finally, check the angle between the seat surface and the backrest. It feels most suitable when the waist is not suspended. If the angle is too large, the neck will soon feel sore. During the test sitting, you can observe whether there is a gap between the waist and the sofa. If there is a gap in the waist and the seat surface that can be inserted into one hand, the angle between the sofa is inappropriate.

In addition, the width of the sofa should be appropriate. The width of the single sofa should not be less than48Cm, two-seat sofa should be at95Above cm, the three-seater sofa should be at140145Between centimeters.

Low backrest is more comfortable

Many people now like to use high-back sofas, which is actually not scientific. Because when a person's shoulder is resting on a high back, the waist, back, and back cannot be in close contact, and the contact surface between the body and the sofa is reduced. In this way, there is no dependence on the waist and back, and fatigue will occur in a short time.

The elderly should choose a sofa with a moderate seat height. If it is too low, it will be inconvenient to sit down and stand up. When young couples buy a sofa, they must consider the safety of their children after birth. The sofa must not have sharp corners. The style should be lively and the color should be brighter.