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What kind of wood is good for new Chinese solid wood furniture

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2019-12-16

With the advent of new development opportunities for new Chinese solid wood furniture, solid wood, as the main material of furniture, is also in increasing demand. And there are more and more types of wood used in solid wood furniture. Different woods have very different furniture due to different functional and decorative properties. What are the more commonly used types of wood? What are their characteristics? Let ’s take a look at it with you. New Chinese style solid wood bed


Beech, produced in southern China, is also called southern elm. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the main wood used as traditional furniture was popular in folk. The beech wood texture is beautiful, with reddish yellow similar to Huanghuali. The furniture series made of beech has a light wood grain color, which is in line with consumers' pursuit of naturalistic furniture. At present, domestic beech wood is mostly imported from Europe or North America, and its wood performance is stable, which belongs to middle and high-level furniture materials. Beech wood is hard, impact resistant, easy to bend under steam, and can be made in various shapes, but it is not easy to deform when dry, durable, and has good processing, coating, and adhesive properties. Beech also has its shortcomings, such as differences in color and density, so the color of furniture made will also vary; cracks and deformation are easy to occur during drying and processing, and it is not easy to make a set of furniture.

Fraxinus mandshurica

Fraxinus mandshurica third-generation relics, known as the Northeast precious"Three Hard and Broad Tree Species", their wood is hard and dense with beautiful texture. The trunk of Fraxinus mandshurica is straight, the material is tough and tight, flexible, the texture is straight, the glue is good, the paint performance is good, and it has good decoration. Pine

Pine furniture generally maintains the natural color of the wood, which emphasizes the modern atmosphere of the furniture. The texture of pine wood is clear and beautiful, the wood material is flexible, and the yin and yang colors are evenly distributed. However, because pine wood is soft and easy to crack and deform, its high moisture content also causes easy cracking. Generally, pine furniture pays attention to natural colors and requires good maintenance, otherwise it will easily change color.


Aspen wood is commonly used in northern China. It has a loose fiber structure, relatively inferior materials, and low prices. It is often used as an accessory to elm furniture and the lacquer of large lacquered furniture for ancient furniture. The appearance is beautiful, the wood grain is clear, and the style is elegant and generous, but it is more prone to insects, and it is easy to crack and deform.


Walnut is mainly produced in North America and Europe and Southeast Asia. Used to make furniture not only has a good molding effect, but also has a saturated surface gloss and rich colors. The structure of the wood itself is more detailed and feels like baby's skin. The wood color is elegant, and the furniture made is elegant and generous. The important thing is that the wood has good stability and is not easy to deform. It is a good material for making furniture. Therefore, the price of walnut furniture will be higher, but compared with mahogany, the tightness, resistance to bending and compression, and toughness are relatively poor. Friends, when choosing new Chinese-style solid wood furniture, still look for a larger solid wood furniture manufacturer, they are relatively mature in wood processing technology, and will handle wood problems in place. Of course, in addition to wood, furniture should also understand the quality of auxiliary materials such as paint, adhesives or hardware accessories.