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What season is best for decorating the house?

With the improvement of people's lives, there are more and more people buying houses. The average head of households can't wait to renovate and stay after they deliver the house. In fact, the effect of the decoration has a certain relationship with the season, so today Xiaobian wants to share for you. Is the house when?DecorationBest and what season is best for decorating the house.

When is the house best decorated?


When is the house best decorated? Spring is a season with more rain, fine rain, and everything recovers. Although spring will not cause inconvenience to the construction, it will seriously affect the dryness of the material. If the wood is improperly preserved in the spring, Due to the mildew and long spots in the wet season, it will not only affect the appearance, but also shorten the service life of the board. The solution to this problem is to pay attention to the weather when transporting materials. Try to transport it to the construction site in fine weather. After entering the site, the location is also important. Avoid placing it directly on the ground. Let it not touch the ground directly, it will be damp, it is recommended to be placed far away from the bathroom and kitchen.

2. Summer

The weather in summer is hot, it can effectively avoid the damage on the material, and can ensure the aesthetics of the material. Therefore, summer is a very suitable season for decoration. Many households will make reservations for the decoration company in advance, but the hot weather will cause the decoration workers to appear impetuous. The phenomenon. Therefore, if you decide to carry out the renovation of the house in the summer, you need to make an appointment with the decoration company in advance, and go to the supervisor and the designer to communicate.

3. Autumn

When is the house best decorated? The cool weather in autumn can be said to be the best time for decoration. It will also have a good effect on the powder coating effect on the wall, so that the surface layer and the inner layer will not separate and crack. However, due to changes in temperature, the wall that may be painted may be uneven due to the cooling of the fall, and cracking may occur. Therefore, it is necessary to leave the task of painting the powder wall and the like in the fall.

4. Winter

The moisture content of wood in winter is relatively low, so the wood is not prone to deformation, and the paint drying in the winter is relatively fast, which effectively increases the adsorption of particles in the air. At this time, the effect of painting is best. However, due to the low temperature in winter, it is not conducive to the construction of workers, but it will delay many construction periods, and the tiles in winter are prone to sticking out. The winter sand in the north is relatively large, which easily affects the effect of paint, so it is necessary to avoid Holidays and the wind and the sun.